Ferrovial and Elecnor bid for new transmission networks in Chile worth almost 200 million euros

MADRID, 24 Sep.

Ferrovial and Elecnor bid for new transmission networks in Chile worth almost 200 million euros


Ferrovial and Celeo (a company in which Elecnor participates) have participated in the public tender called by the National Electrical Coordinator of Chile for the award of the construction, execution and operation of new transmission networks in the country for a total of 207.9 million dollars (195 million euros).

The two Spanish companies are part of a list of 12 applicants, mainly Chilean companies and other Latin American countries, that have bid for 15 different transmission network works, according to the bidding minutes consulted by Europa Press.

Ferrovial has been one of the most active companies in the contest, having presented its proposal for 11 of those 15 works, for a total of 119.3 million dollars (112 million euros), among which is Fuentecilla, Malloa Nueva , Las Delicias, Coiquén, Tinguirrica and Santa Cruz, among others.

With its Power Infrastructure brand, Ferrovial operates more than 1,000 megawatts (MW) of transmission capacity, with 1,195 structures across more than 500 properties and communities. In fact, Chile already has a 220kV double circuit line 204 kilometers long in the south and another 220 kilometers north of Santiago, among other assets.

For its part, Celeo has bid on 8 of the 15 works for a total of 88.6 million dollars (83 million euros), among which stands out that of Llullaillaco, with a value of 22 million dollars, or that of Pepper, for another 18 million.

Recently, Elecnor has already been awarded three transmission network expansion works in Chile for 16.3 million dollars (15 million euros) in Hualqui, La Pólvora and Concepción-Hualpén, in a similar process.

The receipt of inquiries from participants took place until May 30 and the presentation of offers was extended until August 22, with the award of the coordinator initially scheduled for November 3, 2023.

As part of the process, the coordinator introduced a series of improvements to the bidding rules for the process in which new administrative requirements related to adherence to good practices in the management of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in the construction of projects are incorporated. of energy.