The 2023 Budgets pass their first vote in Congress with the help of ERC, PNV and Bildu

MADRID, 27 Oct.

The 2023 Budgets pass their first vote in Congress with the help of ERC, PNV and Bildu


The 2023 General State Budget project passed its first vote in Congress this Thursday after rejecting the amendments to the entire opposition with the votes of Esquerra Republicana, the PNV and EH-Bildu.

All this to reject the amendments to the totality defended by the PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, Junts, the CUP, Foro Asturias and the former UPN deputies who led the Navarra Suma coalition. In addition to PSOE and United We Can, the Government has added the votes of ERC, PNV, Bildu, PDeCAT, Más País-Equo, Compromís, BNG and the PRC, while Coalición Canaria and Teruel Exists have decided to abstain.

In this way, the Executive obtains sufficient support to process its public accounts in Congress for the third consecutive year. To achieve its final approval, the Government has four weeks ahead to tie the votes of its partners in the decisive votes, scheduled for the week of November 21.

And it is that despite the approval of his partners in this first exam, all of them have warned him that he cannot take their support for granted, showing his willingness to reach an agreement but emphasizing that there is still room.

From now on, the new public accounts will be debated before the Budget Commission of the Lower House, first in the presentation phase (behind closed doors) and then in the Commission, during the next two weeks.

Before, this same Friday, the groups will have to register their proposals to modify the Budget through partial amendments, which will be debated and voted on in the coming weeks.

If it passes its successive votes, the project would go on to be examined by the Plenary Session of Congress during the week of November 21. It will be then when the Government must have tied all its supports with its partners, in order to overcome the decisive votes of each of its projects.