A company car no longer pulls: What the workers arrive today, really

Many did not put it in question, that you work Overtime and in hierarchies need to add – even the Yelling-Let the boss a necessary Evil for some, to move forwar

A company car no longer pulls: What the workers arrive today, really

Many did not put it in question, that you work Overtime and in hierarchies need to add – even the Yelling-Let the boss a necessary Evil for some, to move forward. Service on the weekend was nothing Unusual – also without additional compensation.

"The feeling to have a solid Job in a structure of a clear hierarchy structures, security, and for a long time was the top priority for many people in Germany," says Dirk Zupancic, an expert in business+strategy, and leadership.

New Generation has different expectations of the world of work

But the new Generation is different: Sabbatical instead of service, flat hierarchies, instead of promotions, self-actualization instead of obedience. A good Work-Life Balance is in case of doubt, more important than the next step on the career ladder. Not everyone wants to take responsibility in a leadership position – you have enough of them in the family with small children or looking for a new challenge rather of leisure, for example, the half-marathon, rock Climbing or ski touring. Colleagues in a break on the kick table.

in fact, Flexi-time, part-time, Parental leave and sabbaticals are well-established in many companies. Some companies the same true Wellness oasis with free fruit, table football, and yoga offered. Because employers have recognized that, If the working time is always flexible and bosses expect their employees to check in the evening and on the weekend E-Mails, then you need to respond in return. However, this also depends on the industry, the size of the company and how these deals, in practice, be lived.

For the study, "workplace of the future" has questioned the IDG Communications Media AG on behalf of the "computer week" in the year 2018, a total of 344 employees, as well as 285 top Managers in companies within the DACH Region online to your Wishes to your employer, and the Status Quo of your company.


the respondents, eight criteria should be put in a sequence, and thus show what you are in a Job most important to you. Place 1 the need landed for flexible working hours for better Work-Life Balance. So it is clear that for many of the workers interviewed, the model of "9 to 5" has no great appeal. As the second most important criterion, the study revealed an excellent IT equipment, followed by universal pending Work with less Attendance. Also more Teamwork with flat hierarchies and an "ambience" to play for many workers the role. Of own service cars, however, lands in the Voting on the last place.

"prospects" in FOCUS Online

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The study distinguishes between under and over 40-Year-old. The look at the age distribution shows that for the 40-Year-olds, flexible working hours are even more important as the younger colleagues. The use of own devices in the office for private purposes is, however, for the Younger than the Older, but ends up a total of only on the penultimate place.

work is meaningful.

A further important criterion, the importance of growth is due, according to the researchers, especially the Millennials, and that is slow in a company, the following: work should the sense be, too. It serves only for earning money.

Important three basic needs that people have in the work. The need for

  • autonomy
  • competence
  • affiliation.

When these three needs are satisfied, then, meaning is too.

"When people work self-determined and free, that's the rule, only by good leadership. With the much-cited question of 'Why' (i.e. Why do we work for this company?) good leaders define the ends together with your Team on a Mission for the employees, the sense is, too,“ explains Zupancic.

whence comes this change?

a pioneer of this development, on the one hand is the most important location for the IT and high-tech industry worldwide, the Silicon Valley, and on the other hand, a Generation of workers that values have moved.

The world of High-performers in the USA, but not 1:1 on our country transfer. Anyone who has read the book "The Circle", know that such a power and control system, as it prevails in the USA, in part, would fail in Germany alone, the works councils.

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"in addition, companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple their offspring recruit mainly graduates. It is, therefore, highly qualified, mostly alone, and especially young specialists, who devote their time and energy solely and exclusively to the Job. At the latest when these people deal with their own family planning, the needs and the desires connected to the employer,“ the expert says Zupancic.

corporate culture has to be right

In most companies has begun the journey to the "workplace of the future" for a long time and the companies follow a strategic Plan.

The acceptance of the employees for a modernization process is the largest organizational challenge from a business perspective, this was the result of the "workplace of the future"study. Therefore, you need to be in the process of Transformation involved. Add to that the training of the employees, as well as the necessary change in the corporate culture.

Different industries have different working environments

Generally speaking, Who can choose between home office, free-free days between the service cart and bahncard 100, belongs to a privileged minority in Germany, which is well-formed and predominantly in Occupations in the MINT-area (mathematics, Informatics, natural science and technology), in the Tech industry-or project-based works. In the retail, logistics industry and other service occupations will be working around the clock and on demand. And it is also clear that Doctors, cashiers and plumbers are not able to simply work from home or drop-in early, because the weather is so nice right now and the Rest later take care of that.

What to give, you should not forget: in Spite of all the advantages and benefits, the employers are willing in modern companies, it also brings disadvantages. Because Benefits, such as daycare subsidies, or membership in a fitness club is not reflected, other than salary increases in the retirement decision. In addition, such additional services are usually cancellable at any time. In addition, a good Work-Life needs to develop Balance in the first place. Flexible places of work, Laptops, and cell phones make us accessible anywhere and a clear distinction between Job and private life difficult.

We have in Hand

What ultimately matters for most employees, is the total package. The employers of the future must adapt to the needs of its employees, which vary depending on the stage of life. Fathers on Parental leave are only an example of changing life models. To learn new things and encounter changes not with rejection, but with open interest, which is the main Asset of the New work. In the FOCUS Online In the

Date Of Update: 10 March 2020, 10:00