A master is almost indispensable: Why artisans earn so little money

The experts of "Gehalt.de" distinguished Masters in their analysis between and craftsmen without such a title. It showed that a championship title opportuniti

A master is almost indispensable: Why artisans earn so little money

The experts of "Gehalt.de" distinguished Masters in their analysis between and craftsmen without such a title. It showed that a championship title opportunities to earn a living increases in almost every profession.

Without the title even the Top earner at the annual salary of less than 40,000 euros, With a further development of the CNC specialist a gross annual salary of 39.257 Euro in it. CNC-professionals to operate machines with parts made of metal, wood and plastic are manufactured.

hairdressers with a huge distance in the last place

With nearly 2000 euros less mechatronics engineers still reach rank two: you earn 37.315 Euro, while a locksmith to come in third place on 36.467 Euro. Close behind electronics (36.325 Euro per year) and the fifth-placed fitters (35.807 Euro) will follow. Are you dissatisfied with your salary? (Display)

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On the other side of the salary Ranking, find hairdressers again: With 22.647 Euro per year (gross!) you will be paid of all Professions to be the worst. And the distance to all other craft occupations is enormous: hearing care professional with 27.243 Euro, the second-lowest salaries, earning nearly 5000 euros more.

curse of the crafts: Small businesses, low wage

After that, it comes with significantly small distances more: chefs come on 28.095 Euro, while a carpenter with 30.315 Euro crack just as the 30,000-Euro mark. A little more is for Kfz-Mechatroniker in (30.628 Euro). For comparison: The average salary in Germany is around 45,000 euros - twice as much as ready-trained hairdressers in the middle get.

The explanation for the relatively low salaries in the craft sector is looking mainly in the small size of the craft. Because no matter what industry and no matter what profession: The smaller a company is, the worse the pay is generally. In addition, collective agreements for craftsmen are the exception rather.

At the hairdressers 25,000 euros have to wait mostly content

the poor pay may not align in some Professions, even the title too much: In the evaluation of the "Gehalt.de" bring it to the hairdresser-master on a media content of lean 25.117 Euro. After all, this is significantly more than their colleagues without the title. Who has not chosen the profession but are full of passion, can think with a clear Conscience about it, to learn a completely different profession, instead of a master. (Display)

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Baker (30.577 Euro), cooks (32.947 Euro), specialists for warehouse logistics (35.310 Euro) and carpenter (35.964 Euro) have to live as a master in the rule, also with low salaries. A small consolation, it may be that the appointed title of master in some craft – such as for Automotive technicians – a prerequisite for independence: With your own operation, you are then yourself for your salary responsible.

Only four masters in the salary of 40.000 Euro

reach at Least the electronics as a master with 45.406 Euro after all, a just-above-average year's salary. Fitters also (43.357 Euro), CNC professionals (43.318 Euro), mechatronics (43.129 Euro) is in a comparatively good. At rank five (locksmith with 39.703 euros), but remain also the master, usually under the 40,000-Euro mark.

note : all salary information is the corresponding media content. This means that half of all people with the occupation earned more and half earned less. The media content is exactly in the middle, but not necessarily the average. Overall, were evaluated by "gehalt.de" nationwide 44.502 data. They all originate from professionals, without a personal responsibility and are independent of company size and professional experience. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

The experts also pointed out that there may be between the individual regions, significant differences in the amount of salary for the same profession. Thus, the wage level in Bavaria (105 percent) is significantly higher than, for example, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (75 percent). In addition, the occupations may be in demand in the different regions to different degrees. Apprentice wage, Sick note, driving license: That will change soon for all citizens to FOCUS Online/Wochit Apprentice wage, Sick note, driving license: This changes soon for all the citizens of


Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 01:00

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