Billion business: dm and Rewe offer new Service

textile-cleaning in Germany increasingly rare. "We had 15,000 cleanings in the whole of Germany, now there are maybe 3000", reported the managing Director of

Billion business: dm and Rewe offer new Service

textile-cleaning in Germany increasingly rare. "We had 15,000 cleanings in the whole of Germany, now there are maybe 3000", reported the managing Director of the German textile cleaning Association (DTV) Andreas Schumacher. But who leaves his dirty Laundry like clean, the does not have to be anxious therefore. With dm and Rewe is a large trade is currently being tested chains, whether their customers are open to it, in the future, dirty shirts and stained clothes to cleaning in their stores to make.

business with the filthy Laundry is a huge market

Still can only make use of a few customers to the new offer. The drugstore chain dm provides its customers with the cleaning service, in collaboration with Persil Service so far, only in 17 branches in Essen and Munich. The food retailer Rewe in cooperation with the Start-up Waschmal created offer is limited to 26 markets in the Rhineland. But that could change. Because it's going to be a huge market. The German textile cleaning Association estimates that the turnover of the whole of the textile services industry to around 4.5 billion euros. PDF More content!

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in fact, the cleaning market is in a state of upheaval. While the number of classic cleaning is shrinking, making the market since a few years new players such as Jonny Fresh, Waschmal or Persil Service wide. As an Online-laundries provide a Laundry service for the Millennium Generation, for which shopping at Amazon is just as natural as the food order in Lieferando. In short: spare the customer the annoying gear to the next cleaning, pick up after a few clicks in the Internet the dirty Laundry to the desired time and take you back a few days later, the Cabinet finished and ironed.

Many well-known brands want to earn the

The business attracts not only Start-ups but also well known names. The household appliance manufacturer Miele has secured, in the meantime, the majority of the Start-up Waschmal. Henkel is in the process of doing the same in the case of Persil Service, where the düsseldorf-based brand owners held so far, only a minority shareholding. And Jonny Fresh, the Duisburg-based family dynasty Haniel is involved through its subsidiary, CWS boco.

Henkel founded the Online cleaning Persil Service in 2011, initially as a service provider for companies, 2015 daring then, but this is also the step on the retail market. In the meantime, it is in the düsseldorf-based family enterprise: "The Laundry and textile care Services is for Henkel to be an important growth field." The brand owners go an own way. Because he cleans all textiles in a specially constructed Central Laundry in Hannover itself.

A different strategy, and Miele followed with Waschmal. The Start-up does not have its own laundries or on-site staff. Such as Airbnb or Lieferando it produces on its platform only the connection between consumers and local clean-UPS, then for the collection and treatment of the Laundry. Nationwide, the company is now represented in 1500 cities with its Service. Miele see in Waschmal a Supplement to his traditional business, and intends to utilise the strategic potential of the platform concept, is it the family business. Quite similar to Waschmal the Haniel supported Berlin-based rival Jonny Fresh works.

customers can Laundry-Service with shopping at Rewe and dm-connect

But the thing has a hook: The prices are mostly higher than in "normal" Laundry next door. Finally, additional transport costs are incurred. Often a delivery charge must be paid or a minimum order value to be achieved. And here are the retailers as collection points for the dirty Laundry to the game.

"Through the cooperation with Rewe customers Waschmal get the additional Option to have their Laundry in a Central location to deliver and again to pick up, and this describes without any delivery charge", Miele is the beauty of collaboration. The customer can choose the date for his visit to the market itself, is another advantage. It is no different with the collaboration of dm and Persil Service. REWE - Your market (indicator) is Now food in the comfort of home to order

For the trade cooperation with the Online chains laundries are mainly an additional service, as company spokesman to emphasize. The customer wants today, do all his errands in one place. This request attempts to meet, for example in the case of Rewe. But of course you are also hoping for extra business, if the customers are already there.

Rewe wants Laundry Service, continue to expand

But it works the even? The drugstore chain dm is still thinking about whether you want the Service to also be at other locations offered. Managing Director Sebastian Bayer showed, at least not dissatisfied with the course of the test. "So far, the feedback from the customers are positive."

a Little further the decision-making process seems to be already in cooperation with Rewe and Waschmal advanced. A Miele spokesperson revealed, however, that the cooperation should not remain on the previously included 26 stores in the North Rhine-Westphalia is limited: "with More markets to follow continuously." The most beautiful free kick goals of the year from international leagues, DAZN, The most beautiful free kick goals of the year from the international leagues.

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