Check energy : how much and for whom ?

CHECK ENERGY. More than five million households will receive their check energy this year. When will you receive it ? How to use it ? We will respond to your qu

Check energy : how much and for whom ?

CHECK ENERGY. More than five million households will receive their check energy this year. When will you receive it ? How to use it ? We will respond to your questions.

Summary who is it For ? Simulation Amount Steps When ? How to use it ?

[updated 06 April 2020 at 10h43] have you received ? Checks energy should soon arrive in your mailbox. Interviewed at the microphone of Radio classique on Friday , the minister Elizabeth Terminal has confirmed the retention of the device in this period of health crisis coronavirus (Covid-19). In total, 5.5 million households will benefit from the cheque in 2020, for a maximum of 48, and 277 euros . "Given the time period, the shipments are going to be a little longer than usual , they have started this week", she said. "We will ensure that all the cheques arrive at the destination". It was also announced that easing conditions of use : the cheques of the year 2019 will be able to be used until the month of August 2020, and not march 2020. The first concerned ? Those are the households residing in the Pas-de-Calais , if one relies on the timing of sending, issued by the government. As a reminder, the cheque energy is a device to aid in payment of energy bills (electricity, gas, domestic fuel oil, heating loads are included in the fee), or expenses related to the energy renovation (in supplementary assistance such as the QUOTE) of the housing. There is no approach prior to use it.

What are the conditions to receive the cheque energy ? Who is concerned ?

It is reserved for households of more modest . Its attribution , therefore, depends on :

resources in the home : your income tax reference is taken into account. Attention, it must be less than 10 700 euros per consumption unit (CU) . As an illustration, a person represents a CPU. The second person is counted as 0.5, and each person to 0.3 UA. the composition Of your household

To find out if you can benefit from the cheque energy, so you must divide your income tax reference by the number of units of consumption of your home. Very concretely, this means that the income tax reference must not exceed 10 700 euros for a single person and almost € 16,000 for a couple subject to joint taxation (married or partner).

is it possible to do a simulation of his eligibility ?

The site devoted to the device of the check-energy, you can use a simulator, here. you need to fill in your tax number . You work hard to find the latter ? Put your hand on your last notice of assessment or your tax statement for the declaration of income in 2019 for example. The information in the tax authority being directly transmitted to the service, you will know if you can benefit from the cheque energy or not.

What is the amount of the check energy ?

the amount of The check energy depends on resources and the composition of your household . To determine this, the government has established a fee schedule. Here is the schedule that applies this year :

RFR / UC < 5 600 € 5 600 € < RFR / CPU < 6 700 6 700 euros < RFR / UC < 7 700 € 7 700 € < RFR / UA < 10 700 1 UA 194 € 146 € 98 € 48 € 1 < CU < 2 240 € 176 € 113 € 63 € 2 CPU or more 277 € 202 € 126 € 76 €

As you can see, a single person can collect a cheque for an energy amount of up to 194 euros.

How to use check energy ? What are the steps ?

You have no approach to do it. The cheque energy is assigned automatically . In fact, it is the tax administration which submits the list of households eligible to the Agency for services and payment (ASP). This last is in charge to edit and send the check by mail. households eligible to receive it automatically.

what date should we receive the check energy ?

The Agency of Services and Payments (ASP) usually carries out shipments in early spring , for the period from April to march of the following year. In 2020, if we look at the calendar of the ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity, which you can find here the first instalments had to intervene since Friday, march 27. The epidemic has, however, led the government to revise this calendar. Find the full dates here.

Until when can we use his check energy ? The deadline

If you are the beneficiary of the cheque energy, be aware that its use-by date is listed. It usually occurs on march 31 of the calendar year following the year of issuance. Exceptionally, as announced by the minister Elizabeth Terminal, checks, 2019 may be used until August 2020.

How to use the check energy ?

The cheque energy can be sent by postal mail or hand delivered to the suppisseur of energy. In this case, you must attach a copy of a document showing your customer references and refer to the back of the cheque. But you can also use it directly online, on the website It should be noted that in the case of the execution of works, the cheque can be directly used to pay the bill. On the other hand, note well that this work must be carried out by a professional "Recognized guarantor of the environment (RGE). You will find the list of professional EGR on the site renovation info service.

What are the benefits associated with the cheque energy ?

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