Fridays for the Future against corporations: Your house, your car, your boat

to The Protest against Siemens caused a lot of Furore. Therefore, the climate change activists*think inside about to take a reinforced company into the visor.

Fridays for the Future against corporations: Your house, your car, your boat

to The Protest against Siemens caused a lot of Furore. Therefore, the climate change activists*think inside about to take a reinforced company into the visor.

Protest against Siemens could be a prelude to more protests against corporations photo: dpa/Tobias Hase

HAMBURG taz | As the message came, everyone would have laughed uproariously. The Siemens managing Board Joe Kaeser offers Luisa Neubauer a Post on the Supervisory Board of Siemens Energy – LOL. "It was immediately clear: you can't take the case," says Jacob Blasel. The Kiel Fridays-the speaker has researched anyway, and would have earned Neubauer in the Supervisory Board, just out of curiosity, as he says: € 140,000 a year salary to start, but with extra funds for meetings and other also of 300,000 would be possible.

a Lot of money for the climate movement that doesn't need you to happiness. By donation Fridays for the Future are financially largely independent – "at least in this month," says Blasel. In the next month, you would have to look again. For this, it is fundamental that the attention is on the decline.

The weekly strikes have become over the winter weeks in many towns too small to interest the Public. To be debilitating, you are, you hardly achieve real-world effects. Therefore, Fridays for the Future, has started to make new strategies – and-back companies in the focus of the criticism.

The idea for the campaign against Siemens was formed in early January on the North to Congress. 300 activists had met in Hamburg to a meeting with Workshops and Plenaries. Also: the NGO Urgewald, which deals with the financial industry – but more on that later.

", The Siemens was fairly short term," says FFF-Federal spokeswoman Carla Reemtsma. Within a week, everything on the stage was a flood of mail to the company's Board with complaints about the planned delivery of signal engineering for a rail line for the Carmichael Mine the Adani group in Australia. The Meeting between Kaeser and Neubaer with the hope that Siemens would terminate the contract. Then the disappointment, and the curious Job offer. What remains of the experience, to address a company instead of the Federal government?

Although could not stop the pupils from the group. But you realized something. "We have hit a nerve," says Blasel. That Kaeser at all with Neubauer had made that he had been nervous, and have made it clear that it was gone for Siemens is more than only signal conditioners.

"companies are in many ways better addressees as politicians," said Reemtsma, "their decisions are more volatile." The weekly school strikes have also shown how lazy the politicians are responding – no matter how many people move a topic. The representatives of the parties thinking in legislative periods, in the schedule of Committee and Commission meetings, and hold 2038 for an adequate date for the Coal phase-out.

enterprise chef*indoor, in contrast, can respond immediately, as well as potential clients immediately against you decide. Nevertheless, mainly family think-run companies in the long term, eventually your business, if possible, in a century-long family tradition to be passed on to children and grandchildren. The boss of the group*are more vulnerable, more accessible and more flexible.

Which company will address Fridays for Future next? "We are not there yet," says Reemtsma. Construction sites there are finally many. RWE wants to continue to wegbaggern villages, Uniper, the new coal-fired power plant Datteln 4 to the grid, Siemens is sticking to Adani. Also Blasel want to call no names. But he says: "We have lost confidence that the Federal government is also only a single step in the direction of climate protection." Therefore, you will find other addressee*indoor climate killer there is, finally, enough.

A pretty big climate killers the financial industry. About 92 billion euros, according to research by Urgewald since the signing of the Treaty of Paris of European banks to the companies, the new coal flows, power plants to build. In Europe, energy giants such as Uniper, Fortum from Finland and PGE from Poland belong to it. Deutsche Bank, Santander, Barclays and BNP Paribas to invest in the coal business, give them loans, give them advice. "All German financial institutions are involved in climate-damaging business," says the managing Director of Urgewald, Heffa Schücking.

The Deutsche Bank is one of the most important financiers of Uniper and RWE. But also the role of insurance is not to be underestimated: Thus, even someone is willing to invest in climate-damaging projects, they must be insured. The Alliance has excluded, to assure coal-fired power plants or mines directly. But companies such as RWE to close anyway, there are no individual insurance for individual mines, but book companies, complete packages, including liability for company Directors and the entire fleet – this, in turn, the Alliance has no Problem.

Urgewald has given to the North of the Congress, two Workshops on the topic of "involvement of the coal and the financial industry". The topic is of interest to the pupils. Urgewald Fridays for the Future, your Knowledge and your data.

A target could impose it outright: the savings banks. The investment division Deka-Invest also lists many funds, which contain shares of Adani and other climate killers. According to Urgewald Deka-Invest shares and bonds in the amount of approximately US $ 309 million to companies to build up a new coal-fired power plants. It is behind the Alliance and Deutsche Bank to place three of the German investors in this sector. For Schücking is a monstrosity: "In non-profit lending institutions do not Fund for the benefit of companies such as Adani belong."

That many would like to see similar. Officially, no one wants to declare, at Fridays, for the Future, the savings banks to the next destination. The local groups decide, anyway, regardless of how you Protest, make and against whom it should be directed. But savings banks are everywhere in Germany. And almost everyone has an account there.

"I can only speak for me personally," says Blasel. "But I think, for the savings banks it would be time to stop investing in the destruction of the planet." Whether savings banks would Consumers agree well, if they were asked whether they agree that their money in the coal industry flows? He doesn't believe it.

Date Of Update: 26 January 2020, 19:00

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