Financial professional: Over the years, the risk of loss in the stock market is statistically Zero

FOCUS Online : Mr Lück, Blackrock will in the future focus on sustainability. With customer deposits of seven trillion dollars that has a serious impact. How do

Financial professional: Over the years, the risk of loss in the stock market is statistically Zero

FOCUS Online : Mr Lück, Blackrock will in the future focus on sustainability. With customer deposits of seven trillion dollars that has a serious impact. How does it work?

Martin Lück: Our CEO Larry Fink wanted to make the companies aware that they need to change their consciousness. Because our investors demand that Blackrock increasingly, that companies without a sustainability think in the Portfolio. It is a Wake-up call: think about it you as a company and represents you accordingly! About Dr. Martin Lück

Martin Lück the newly created Position of Chief Investment Strategist for Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe at BlackRock holds. In this role, he is responsible for macroeconomic Research and the Investment assessments in the Region. As a Central point of contact for customers providing financial advisors, private banks and institutional investors with information on economic and market issues.

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FOCUS Online The announcement, however, has also created a criticism, since Blackrock is involved in oil giants like Aramco, which have a devastating CO2 balance. How do they fit together?

Lück : Oil will remain for decades a part of the world economy. The question is how the Transformation into a CO2-can succeed carbon economy and how this Transition to tackle. The financial markets play an important role. There will be Capital restructuring, and the impact on the business models of these companies.

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FOCUS Online : investments in sustainability, adhered to the long, the stigma that you have to forego return.

Lück : This is no longer so. To view the one omitted yield that has sustainability in the Portfolio. Here it is not a fad that goes away soon. Companies will need to evaluate sustainability in relation to the risks and costs differently. It is a topic that remains.

climate change is exaggerated is the effect of a investment risk

FOCUS Online : The recent case of Siemens, the supply in Australia of a controversial coal mine. Not a company to be exaggerated in the pillory? And if Blackrock plans to do with sustainability so, it looks as if they were on the side of Friday For Future.

Lück : no, we have the big picture and act in the interests of our investors. As a Fund company, we bear the responsibility for the money, the trust of our customers. Therefore, we must take into account all risks when you Invest. And climate change is an investment risk, because it affects the long-term success of a company and its share price.

FOCUS Online : Presumably, the warning lights go on but at other companies now.

Lück : the company are valid and in case of doubt, more inclined to act on projects without, even if it comes at the expense of business development. The Public is extremely critical, also, therefore, the sustainability aspect is in the foreground.

What 2020 on the stock markets in the foreground.

FOCUS Online : Isolation from the dominant, there is a sustainability issue: What do you expect in 2020 from the stock markets?

Lück The most important factor are the Central banks: What happens to the interest? From this point of view, the exchange traffic lights are for 2020 to Green, since the probability of an increase both in the US and in Europe is very low. FOCUS-MONEY - The best dividend stocks for 2020

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FOCUS Online How do you justify that assessment?

Lück In the US, Inflation is not related to fundamental high. You could rise due to higher import prices, this would be a result of the Trump duties. The US Central Bank may not respond, but that would be a political mistake. In addition, we have an election year with an unpredictable, irrational US President, has not many options. The US Congress will not help him in the area of fiscal policy, structural policies, acts so quickly. So, only the monetary policy remains.

FOCUS Online For the Fed, the pressure therefore increases.

Lück : Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he can fire the Fed Chairman at any time. He exerts massive pressure. And therefore has gone to the US-based Bank with three interest rate cuts by the end of 2019 from the line of fire. Taking this into account, I see a probability greater than 50 percent for a further US rate cut.

ECB Head Christine Lagarde is only once a

FOCUS Online And Europe to wait for the draws?

Lück Here, there are several factors to consider. Phase 1-Deal between the US and China could lead to the recovery in world trade. In addition, the ECB under new Chief Christine Lagarde everything to the test. Mrs Lagarde will listen and, in my opinion, until Easter, nothing to do, also to appease critics like Jens Weidmann.

FOCUS Online What does this mean for investors?

Lück : A Performance of 25 percent, I don't expect it for 2020, but it remains the best opportunity to invest in high-Risk stocks.

FOCUS Online : Which industries hold for odds-on?

Lück In the US, I see, despite the high assessment of opportunities for technology assets. Also Pharma stocks could be exciting, if not apparent, that the Democrats win the election. Then it could lead to a sharper pace in the regulation. Also, the financial assets should be run in the United States.

About 15 years, the risk of loss is statistically Zero

FOCUS Online : they are for the United States more confident than for Europe?

Lück : Yes, but the risks must balance. An example: you build a Portfolio with a 60 percent U.S., 25 percent in Europe and 15 percent in emerging countries. Now, you have the risk of a devaluation of the Dollar, if the U.S. interest rates should decline. US stocks fall, then a currency related to the Euro-investors. If the US is weakening the Dollar, however, increase according to experience, shares from emerging countries. This way, you protect yourself.

FOCUS Online What needs to pay the investors?

Lück : anyone Who invests for the first time in the stock market money, you should do this in the long term. Over an investment horizon of 15 years, the risk of loss is statistically Zero. And the investor has to decide whether he entrusts his money to a Fund Manager, if he wishes to make no selection of stocks, or ETFs to buy.

FOCUS Online : What is talking to what?

Lück : you need to consider whether the portfolio Manager invests better than the market. In particular, in falling markets, active Management can protect the Depot. Investors must know what your risk tolerance is, how important are the costs and how more income can be achieved. When it comes to cost, you can also buy an ETF on the MSCI World. René wants to return: "penalties are the best thing that could happen to savers in the" FOCUS Online René wants to return: "penalties are the best thing that could happen to savers"


Date Of Update: 27 January 2020, 01:01

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