Money plant of the year: what to do with the dough?

Many savers worry about negative interest rates, you want to quickly invest in stocks or Bitcoins. This is not a solution for all. The money should "work",

Money plant of the year: what to do with the dough?

Many savers worry about negative interest rates, you want to quickly invest in stocks or Bitcoins. This is not a solution for all.

The money should "work", not Bob photo: Josh Appel / Unsplash

The time of good resolutions for the new year. And not a few Germans are likely to ask, what to do in the next year just with your money. Many savers are downright desperate, because 2020 is expected to bring a novelty: The banks are going to introduce on a broad Front negative interest rates to punish all the customers who Park their funds on the checking account. The money should "work", not Bob up and down.

Of proposals is not lacking, as might be money to create. The advice literature recommends, among other things: stocks, real estate, farmland, forest, diamonds, Gold, whiskey, or Bitcoins. Madness and sanity are hardly separated from each other.

insanity is the Belief in Bitcoins. Since the taz can say competently, Because we have 15 of these virtual coins, which were provided to us long ago by readers, as the price was still low. Now each Bitcoin is supposedly 6.454 Euro value, if you can't trust the stock market curves. Nevertheless, it is not able to taz, so far, to sell their Bitcoins. This is because banks, the crypto will not take money. So here's the urgent request to all Bitcoin Fans: Log in to the taz! We provide our 15 coins for 96.800 real euros.

madness: What is the state of stocks? The stock market analysts are optimistic that prices will rise in the next year. The German stock index DAX is expected to rise from currently 13.357 15,000 points. As must happen every stupid, still has no Depot. Especially as financial advisors like to convey the impression that all Germans could be rich and for old age well-hedged, if you had only invested in time shares.

The stock exchange, virus infected, therefore, always new groups of the population. Earlier the SMEs focused primarily in the middle ages with the promised blessings of a stock portfolio, but recently, the stock market fever has also affected low-income Hipster. "Frugalisten" they call themselves, because they restrict the consumption radically. The money saved to invest in shares – to be able to, at the latest, 40 years in retirement.

Alone in 2019 are likely to be at least ten books have been published that vary the theme of "financial Frugalismus". For next year, further works are announced. Behind this stock market hype – with or without Frugalismus – but there is a mistake: business is confused with Economics. Individual share owners can acquire, through share price increases, but not all, of German can have quite a lot of shares. There is not simply enough securities.

just imagine, all German citizens would pounce on shares: The stock exchange prices would rise rapidly, but this wealth would be purely fictitious, and would have to do with the reality. Daimler and BMW are selling something, not more cars, because their share price will rise.

Now, the 20s are coming! But as we work in the new decade, what to eat and how we love? How can we combat the climate change and the populist? And what is the optimistic Pessimist Sibylle Berg says about all this? On 14 pages we devote ourselves in the taz on the weekend of September 28./29.12. the future. Starting on Saturday at the Kiosk in the kiosks, in the practical Wochenendabo and round-the-clock in Facebook and Twitter.

It would be only a pointless roundabout of money: If someone wants to buy a stock, you must sell another. The new owner his money would be going on – it is exactly this sum would now be landed but the previous owner of the share, and must now consider how he invests the money new.

Bitter irony: Probably the clueless Ex-stock owners would buy back shares, because they win all the time to "value". The speculation feeds on itself.

the question of Where to go Remains with the money? A good answer to it, because the question is wrong. The anxious savers wanting to invest in your future, but how this future looks like, not interested in you. The money is to be alone and automatically "work". This approach was always to tight, but in times of climate change it is obsolete. Only if we save our environment, will be beneficial for the financial systems. Otherwise, don't.

Updated Date: 28 December 2019, 15:00

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