Child support, alimony, vaccination: What will change to 2020 for parents

1. Separation of children from January more maintenance From 1. January 2020, the new "düsseldorf table" in force. After that, there is for minor children

Child support, alimony, vaccination: What will change to 2020 for parents
1. Separation of children from January more maintenance

From 1. January 2020, the new "düsseldorf table" in force. After that, there is for minor children of separated parents living more maintenance. The rates rise in the lowest income group from 15 to 21 euros in the month.

So much the separation of children in Detail:
  • a Minimum of 369 Euro (instead of the previous 354 Euro) by 2020, and from 2021 a minimum of 378 Euro per month, children six years .
  • children from six and eleven years in the future claim to 424 euros (instead of 406 Euro) or 434 euros from 2021.
  • For children twelve to 17 years of age the Minimum monthly amounts to maintenance 497 euros from the year 2020 (an increase of 21 Euro) and 508 euros from 2021.

For full-year separation, children, the rates increase only slightly, from 527 to 530 euros in the lowest income group. The required rates of age children had remained in 2018 and 2019, completely unchanged. The required rate of students not living with parents rises significantly from 735 to 860 Euro.

Also, the deductible for parents increases

for the First time in 2015, the so-called deductible, to the right of the debtor changes. The excess of non-employed debtor increases from 880 to 960 Euro, the workers of 1080 to 1160 euros - on the basis of a rent of 430 euros. The deductible can be increased if the housing costs this amount is exceeded, and not inappropriate. The deductible to maintenance claims of parents increases from 1800 Euro to 2000 Euro.

2. Starting in January: The money, children's allowance and children allowance
  • kids money: 1 changes in the children. January 2020 is adjusted to the minimum subsistence level to the top. In this context, also the advance payment of maintenance is increased. Depending on the age of the child, this amounts to 165 Euro, 220 Euro or 293 Euro.
  • Supplement: With the child Supplement are not able to get working parents, additional financial support, if your income is sufficient to secure the maintenance of their children. 1. January 2020 is intended to be omitted in the child allowance and the upper earnings limits. Thus, the circle of families that have a claim to the child allowance should be extended. From this date the income of the parents, over and above their own requirements is, only 45 per cent, to be credited instead of today, 50 per cent, in the child Supplement.
  • children free amount: in addition to the child allowance parents are also entitled to a free amount in your tax return, this will be raised in 2020. From 1. January 2020, he rises to 192 Euro per child and then 5172 Euro for assessed together parents, otherwise in 2486 euros per parent. In addition, there is an allowance for support and education or training needs. This is 2640 euros. For the determination of the income tax, the two calculated amounts together.

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3. Vaccination against measles is coming in March

dpa/Julian Stratenschulte/dpabild A pediatrician vaccinates a child in the thigh. For stronger protection against highly contagious measles is a vaccination for children comes in the new year in day-care centres and schools. The Bundestag decided in November with a clear majority, a law of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the to the 1. March 2020 to enter into force.

parents would need to demonstrate before the recording that your children are vaccinated. For children who go to day care or school, is a prolonged period of time up to 31. July 2021. In the case of violations up to 2500 Euro fine threaten.

parents can provide Evidence of the vaccination of their children, either by a Vaccination card, by a yellow examination booklet or with a medical certificate, if the child had already had measles. This is not done, the facilities, the health Department report. The decides on the further procedures and can impose fines.

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From 2020 onwards, the vaccination against measles for duty. A decision, which is under parents less controversial than I thought. The at least one current survey of pronova BKK, the FOCUS is Online exclusive shows. the Exciting, but just no time?

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Without a vaccination booklet - no Kita-space

day care centers may no longer accept unvaccinated children. Also against the institutions fines can be imposed if you follow the guidelines.

the vaccination should also Apply to teachers and educators. In the same way as for staff in medical facilities such as hospitals of Doctors and nurses up to kitchen and cleaning staff. Also of the duty of accommodation measles vaccinations for residents and employees in the field of asylum.

in General: duty of the vaccination certificate is not, it comes to forced vaccinations against the will of those Affected. Also, exceptions may be determined, for example, for people who can't be vaccinated for health reasons. In addition, for the 1971-Born, which are likely to be largely immune, because they made the measles is most likely already through.

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4. Daycare fees in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern abolished

Due to the Good-Kita-law, many Federal States to reduce the contributions for the nursery. The children Vorpommern day care in Mecklenburg-1. January post-free. In Berlin they are abolished completely.

children from a year in Germany have a legal entitlement to care. But how do I get as a parent, the fastest way to find a place for my child and what happens if the daycare refuses my request? The most important parents-questions and answers.

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5. Children no longer have to pay for the care of the parents - if you earn less than 100,000 euros,

will be, in most cases, the cost for nursing home exempt. According to a law adopted by the Bundestag in November, to participate to the sons and daughters of the Affected only as from an annual gross income of 100,000 euros to contribute financially to the care of the parents.

If the care home costs are not able to pay, then so far, first of all, the social welfare office with the "help for care". Often, the authority then asks the children to Fund part of the costs back. Often the Offices shy away, however, before such claims because of complex procedure and income tests are necessary.

will be involved How many people the cost is hard to say. A current, meaningful statistics don't exist. In the draft law, the talk is of around 55,000 people. On social assistance, some 300,000 nursing home residents are not dependent, because of the pension, nursing care insurance and asset-rich.

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