Not in the mood to taxes: 29-earned Years of Euro 50,000 in the month and makes the state look old

"I graduated," says Christoph Heuermann. "A week later, I logged off, me in Germany and I went on tour." 2015 the was. Heuer man didn't come back to his ho

Not in the mood to taxes: 29-earned Years of Euro 50,000 in the month and makes the state look old

"I graduated," says Christoph Heuermann. "A week later, I logged off, me in Germany and I went on tour." 2015 the was. Heuer man didn't come back to his home permanently, at least. This could also be nothing to do with his life design agree. Heuer man would live again in the Federal Republic of Germany, a country of residence, then he would have to pay taxes. Exactly want to avoid, the 29-Year-old.

"control, I've felt this as negative; I associate it with coercion and violence," says Heuermann. So he has designed for himself a life model, which aims primarily to avoid taxes, and it is time to allow same, in his passion: travelling. In the next year, Heuer man will have seen probably all of the countries in the world – well 190. He is in Papua new Guinea. In the connection it goes to Palau.

Permanent residence in Panama

His residence he has registered in Panama. "I have a life long permit to stay," he says. Tax he has to pay in Panama. The country has a territorial taxation, it is taxed not revenue elsewhere is. "If I don't earn my money in Panama, everything is tax-free," says Heuermann. And he earns his money in different countries. It's no surprise that Panama is not in it.

Heuer's income is according to own data at 50,000 euros net per month. In Germany, he would have to shell out the maximum tax rate of 45 percent. In Panama, he pays nothing. This is also important for the 29-Year-old, finally, a continuous trip around the world to be financed.

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advice on tax avoidance brings good income

As he achieved as a political scientist with no experience of such an income? Heuer man has made it his life goal to the business model: On his Blog, "stateless people," he says of the other, how to avoid taxes.

His services, he can pay well. The counseling session duration is between one and two hours, cost 997 euros. In the video course are "Stateless secret" for 299 EUR, or the E-Book, "Because Your life belongs to You: emigration in 50 (control)freer Nations" for 97 Euro, as well as many other products and services.

Heuer man justifies his prices quickly: "This is relatively little money, if you look at what reach out to the people." Finally, the client would save with the help of his tips, sometimes millions. "There are only a few people who have a similar knowledge and comparable specialization," says Heuermann. The typical German tax adviser could not advise in this direction. "That's just the big tax firms, and as the power will cost ten times as much."

A professional training in the area of taxes, not this year man – only the Bachelor's degree in political science. His Expertise is based on own experience, on angelesenem expertise and the basic belief that "there is for every Person in the world a perfect place where you will find your desire again" – and no taxes to pay.

"are The real parasites, other"

Heuer man is immune to criticism of those who put his life in question: "Often, the Ball is relatively easy to play," he says. "In Germany, so many people are dependent on the state, get more than you Deposit – these are the real freeloaders."

His family, the life model of the 29 accepted-Year-old: "My mother just wanted to that I am reasonable health insurance. And my father is self-employed. He thinks like me and has supported me from the beginning.“

Regular visits to in Germany

Four or five Times a year, Heuer man comes back to the old country. A center of life in Germany, he wants to continue to avoid. "I'm not allowed to take possession of your own apartment in Germany. I should stop me less than 183 days within a year on an ongoing Basis there, and I can't marry anyone who lives in Germany,“ he explains. He complies with these requirements, he may visit the old home "safely" without having to uninvited tax assessments count.

Also, in the future, Heuer man plans, no life, all in one place: "but I will certainly slow down in terms of business travel." Three or four places where he lives three or four months, that sounds good for this year man. To can't "in a fixed place to stay, I imagine currently."

However, the self-appointed tax exemption Advisor has a Plan in case it attracts him, but once permanently back to Germany: "what is Clear is regulated a lot, but there are legal loopholes." Was possible to structure, for example, abroad "reasonably and with the proper company setup – to return to a Foundation, for example,".

Now first of all Palau. With 50,000 euros monthly income, it is likely to be enduring. Content check (display)

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the FOCUS Online readers say in their comments about the "tax nomads":

"based on The principle of what he developed has allowed to keep, is only be honest but must also be a basic law! Taxes per se are organised robbery and in a modern society is also not necessary. Libertarianism, Austrian school of Economics, and voluntarism words, the open a in the own Research, the eyes are. A world without States is not only possible but even necessary!"

"Someone in Germany will be tax-funded studies, after he has completed the tax-funded school, on tax-funded roads, transit, and - when everything goes wrong - in the control of state-funded social returns, because of the paid care the subsistence and health. Yes, because it taxes truly 'coercion and violence'."

"didn't happen, if the state get the neck fully. A reasonably fair taxation does not take place, more and more people realize this and draw the consequences. It would be a good time, to the right assets, and large corporations, because the know for a long time how to not pay the taxes.“ to pay

"If he can do it without taxes, he is a genius. He is one of the few which have escaped the German robber barons. And to be quite honest, I do not begrudge it to him. Of course, the right to have a say, Yes, here, on our cost study and then run away is not correct. But in contrast to many others here in Germany, he also gets nothing from us. Others have also never paid taxes here, never pay, but still, a life long alimony from us. The young man paid nothing, but also nothing of us.“

"Then he should but all the kids money, money for school, health insurance, etc. up to his 29. Age of the German taxpayer pay back. So he is just a Freeloader.“

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