Parents as care case: What members have to pay

If the parents are to the care case, must often pay the children. To date, the following applies: those Who earned as a stand-Alone, more than 21,600 euros net

Parents as care case: What members have to pay

If the parents are to the care case, must often pay the children. To date, the following applies: those Who earned as a stand-Alone, more than 21,600 euros net per year, will be used. For couples the limit is 38.800 Euro. Then due participation in the care costs is often a large burden. For members, it is therefore good to know when you need to cover for the cost of care of the parents, and which assets are protected.

a place in a nursing home

cost is Generally, outpatient care is a home cheaper than a place in a nursing home. However, it is not always appropriate and possible, to support members in their own four walls. Care in the home is expensive – and despite the achievements of the legal nursing care insurance funds. According to the Association of the substitute funds of the residents in 2019 would have to pay an average monthly 1.830 Euro own contribution for a home place – where the regional price differences can be very large. The Person

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children liable for their parents?

in Most cases, the pension and own resources of the patient are not sufficient to meet these costs themselves. First, the social assistance jumps in with the "help for care". The next-of-kin of the person Concerned will be informed of this process, which, however, has a bridging function. The office calls you soon with information on income and assets of the family and then the cost for own's share for the corresponding income in full to the members. PDF The need to care for the needy and family members know

Our PDF guide explains to the patient and family about all the important information about the nursing, legal nursing care insurance, nursing degrees and nursing break to care for family members.

PDF guide

children in need of care can be deductible to assert

in Principle are relatives in direct line are obliged to each other maintenance to do. However, this only applies in the circumstances the appropriate degree. The financial support of needy parents must not lower the standard of living of the children or even in poverty. You must remain a reasonable contribution, the retention of so-called self.

This deductible is based on the annually updated “düsseldorf table”. Per month each child can make a deductible of 1,800 Euro a claim. For the spouse for more 1.440 euros in addition to the family-so 3.240 Euro plus an additional ten percent budget savings. Children of the patient are, as yet, only be obliged to pay maintenance, if your net income is above these limits.

members with higher household incomes should check whether you can also deduct additional costs, these include:

  • rent if higher than the deductible is factored in (€480)
  • advertising costs
  • pension scheme
  • Current payments
  • reserves for emergencies such as Car repair
  • children, and training costs
home Equity and retirement savings are already assets

A self-occupied property belongs to the so-called already assets. Although members must use not only their income but also their assets. However, this applies only as long as it is economically feasible. Residential property for parents would mean to use alimony to a permanent limitation, and even reduction of living expenses. So, the state protects this type of property, however, under the condition that the residential property is in the circumstances appropriate. Who lives with Partner and children in a normal house or a normal residential conditions corresponding to the condo, so no Worries for his property.

Parents: an example of A calculation

maintenance obligation exists, if the net income exceeds the deductible, in spite of other deductible expenses. Members need to participate and then financially to the cost of care for their dependent parents or children.

In General, half of the surplus income must be spent for the Parents. Son or daughter, for example, have a net income of 2800 Euro, then the difference to the deductible of 1,800 Euro is exactly 1,000 euros. The dependent child can make no further deductible contributions to be asserted, it needs to spend 500 euros for the cost of care of its parents. to relieve the load

relief for the nationals in sight

the relatives of the patient financially, has decided the Bundestag, the so-called members relief act. It raises the current income limit significantly: from an annual gross income of 100 000 Euro have to involve children, therefore, the cost of care of the parents. In this limit, and revenue from letting and leasing as well as securities trading in addition to the salary. Existing assets are not taken into account.

The law was adopted by the Bundestag and in the course of the year. How many children will be relieved, it will show in practice. According to estimates, the number of financially-balanced members is at 55,000.


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