Trigema-chief Grupp for mouth protection crisis: we Can sew together in a relaxed atmosphere

FOCUS Online : a Lot of companies have fear of supply interruptions due to the Corona-crisis. You now feel confirmed, to produce in Germany? Wolfgang Grupp:

Trigema-chief Grupp for mouth protection crisis: we Can sew together in a relaxed atmosphere

FOCUS Online : a Lot of companies have fear of supply interruptions due to the Corona-crisis. You now feel confirmed, to produce in Germany?

Wolfgang Grupp: I am of the opinion that I don't need a foreign factory. I produce here, and a sale had in their argument. I can guarantee that my merchandise is of good quality and my control is subject to. In my hometown there was 30 years ago, 26-textile-manufacturers. 25 outsourced under price pressure of their jobs. Today there is no longer you. I hold meanwhile "Made in Germany", because I get positive results and success. As long as something works, don't change it.

"Made in China"producers make mass-produced goods. These are not my competitors.

"growth is driven by greed,"

FOCUS Online For the pursuit of cheaper production, the company are now paying a high price...

group: growth driven by greed means more and more sales, higher number of pieces – you can only sell on price, and thus production abroad, in a low-wage country. Thus, the risks go hand in hand.

In the case of Trigema, we see growth differently. We want to grow by developing innovative products and existing goods to continuously improve. You should not fall for the delusions of grandeur.

FOCUS Online : so you're completely self-sufficient? Or also the a or other substance is not missing in them, because the delivery comes?

group: We are 99 percent self-sufficient. I've been to the range maybe a jacket, the fabric I receive from a supplier. If the substance is not, then doesn't that bother people. Our main products are the Goods we do 100%. With the SCC-exchange of letters next to values, and in the short term and the long term Top return on investment! (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

FOCUS Online : you can Feel however effects of Coronavirus?

group: , a number of clinics have actually asked whether we can produce a Mouth guard. Of course we can – we produce already in the medical field, for example, head protection for premature babies. A Mouth guard, we can sew loosely together. We can also react quickly, only the price question is of course: In our article for the penny price, a disposable, a reusable fabric product that costs more.

FOCUS Online : you Have to get the orders from?

Grupp : The clinics have received our patterns, we are now seeing more.

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"I'm not going to make my company mad"

FOCUS Online : What if the Coronavirus occurs in the case of Trigema – do you have a contingency plan?

group: We are very quick in our responses. If something would be, would we contact the authorities, and implement what the experts advise. It makes no sense to design a contingency plan for a given scenario, as long as the situation is so dynamic.

FOCUS Online : there Is a crisis team?

group: no. We follow the Events closely. But a crisis staff? I can't say Yes the whole day: "What am I doing, if there's a fire in the morning?" We need to produce and our tasks. If a Problem should occur, we will solve it in the best way possible. Of course, I keep your eyes open, but I'm not going to make my company mad before anything happened at all.

FOCUS Online : The government puts together an economic stimulus program. What is the emergency aid needs of the economy, the consequences of the Virus to catch?

group: The policy needs to help, where the Virus hits the company. Everyone who is affected needs support. If someone has two weeks in quarantine, then it is absolutely the right help immediately, that I am not obligated as an employer, wages to pay, but the competent authority.

And even if it is tomorrow, I can't produce more, it is the policy of my cushion undeserved failure, and to support my business.

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Everyone Must have a responsibility to limit the panic -

FOCUS Online : we are afraid of a recession?

group: I'm an Optimist. I don't, but solve ache problems. In terms of the Coronavirus, I don't think so hot is eaten, how it is cooked. If we are personally reasonable and requirements hold, then it may well be that the Virus unfolds, the worst possible effect.

what's Important is that we play crazy. I need to keep my business quiet. When I was in my dress size and 300 would be closer to tell that we need a crisis staff, then the staff started to get nervous. And so everyone is under control in the responsibility for the panic.

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Date Of Update: 11 March 2020, 12:00