Well, that was yesterday, stand for all: We will destroy what has made us great

"Everything had its Norm, its definite measure and weight. Who had a fortune, was able to accurately calculate how much interest is spent each year, the office

Well, that was yesterday, stand for all: We will destroy what has made us great

"Everything had its Norm, its definite measure and weight. Who had a fortune, was able to accurately calculate how much interest is spent each year, the officer, the officer, in turn, found in the calendar reliably to the year in which he will become and in the in-Board would go. Each family had a specific Budget, she knew, to consume how much they had Housing and food, for summer travel and representation, there is also a small amount was inevitably carefully for Contingencies, for illness and doctor provided. Who owned a house, viewed it as a safe home for the children and grandchildren, farm, and business inherited from gender to gender; while an infant was still in the cradle, put it in the piggy Bank or the savings Bank a fee for the way of life“. As Stefan Zweig describes his "world of Yesterday".

The world we feel today than that of yesterday, was created from the rubble that left that world behind, in the Stefan Zweig of his memories recorded. It was built by people who had experienced the Terror of national socialism and Stalinism. Many were returned with the double Trauma of the atrocities and the fight for the wrong side from the war. A few had done against the criminal Regime of resistance, and paid with life, to many had committed war crimes, but most of them had adapted to the bad time of necessity, and were then, before the material and ideal, Nothing. You would have convicted them because of failure of the resistor would need to be the predominant part of the German locked up. In place of the "collective guilt" was therefore the "collective shame". The Person

Thomas Mayer founding Director of the flossbach von Storch Research Institute. Before that, it was until 2012 the chief economist of Deutsche Bank.

today we Consider our world of yesterday, then it went there, especially to "prosperity for All". Since little was available had to be prosperity first, before thinking about his redistribution also only was. Influenced by the stories of Old about the Hyperinflation and the own experience of the currency reform to monetary stability. One division, in order to form capital, and understand the interest rate as an investment of the Saver in the fruits of the growing capital stock.

Previously, the politicians fought for rising prosperity

the Failure of the national socialist and the contagion of the socialist utopias have shaped the social consciousness. Politicians and the (usually) men in the public life met in "discussions" in the public-legal (black-and-white) television. You smoked and drank on Sunday morning, wine, and fought hard, first to each other, and then with the after the war grown up, rebellious boy. If you discuss with, and not side by side, and at the end of large majorities of voters gathered behind politicians such as Konrad Adenauer, Ludwig Erhard, Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl. They fought for increasing prosperity and against the concrete Apocalypse of nuclear war - and had success.

Stefan Zweig did not know that his "world of Yesterday" is ideal. And yet, she was far better than the world in which he wrote his masterpiece. We also know that our world was of yesterday, anything other than ideal. She was less clear than that of branch, and had glaring flaws that were becoming more and more visible, the more we got used to it.

But she had her good sides. You brought us the taming of the nuclear threat, economic prosperity for the largest number of people in the history, the emancipation of women and the end of discrimination against previously disadvantaged minorities. We look at the world today, so it seems to us, then there is a tendency now, in key areas over the goals from yesterday's shoot.

We create our freedom in the name of climate protection

So we put our freedom today and in the world of yesterday-won prosperity out of fear of a climate-change-induced potential Apocalypse of the planet earth to the Disposition. While the specific Apocalypse of the atomic strengthened war, in our opinion, for a society of freedom, rather, we will replace today's General and abstract rules for specific and concrete commandments. Climate activists driven by young people to Greta Thunberg, we slip in the name of climate emergency of the market economy in the state planned economy. Ralf Fücks, a committed environmentalist, warns: "Only if we show that climate protection and economic success are two sides of the same coin, can Europe be a model for others".

We need immigrants because the population in the European Union by 2050 to 500 million. However, you will grow in the neighboring Africa and the Middle East to 2.9 billion. "Migration has always been part of human history, and we recognize that it is in our globalized world, a source of prosperity, Innovation and sustainable development", - stated in a global migration Pact of the United Nations. But we still have the power, from the immense number of migratory people are willing to select to secure the prosperity that has made us the destination of the migrants?

redistribution of the money, instead of more comfortable

stand Instead of capital accumulation, we are concerned with the redistribution of capital and income. The new SPD tip wants to introduce the property tax and the taxes on the highest ten percent income raise. Even before the change in leadership, the SPD has ensured that the top income group, the abolition of the solidarity surcharge is excluded. But where nothing is generated, there is to distribute nothing.

With negative interest rates, we discourage the savers, enrich the Wealthy and "financial ialisieren" the economy. Financial investments are better than real investments, when the Central banks, supported by interest rate cuts and bond purchases, always helpful in the financial markets, if you stumble time. Economists justify low interest rates with a "secular Stagnation" of the economy and "saving glut," rather than with the policy of the Central banks. Five thousand years of interest rate history and common sense, however, argue against a "natural" negative interest rate.

Our society was disintegrating

minorities and socially Disadvantaged, struggling to equal rights, now fight for benefits and privileges. "Quotas for women" to replace the fitness competition and the "gender-ISM" is warping our language. Our society is divided in parallel and in closed universes, even without the immigrant societies built in parallel. Because of vocal minorities, the policy opinions for the club, feels the majority not represented, and doubts of democracy.

By the resolution of the US-designed world order and the Overshooting of targets from the world of yesterday, only a little better and much worse.

Date Of Update: 28 December 2019, 01:01

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