What are the markets moves today

1. Dax signaled a weak trading start - Coronavirus-spread consented to market participants cautious The investors on the German stock market on Friday. The spr

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax signaled a weak trading start - Coronavirus-spread consented to market participants cautious

The investors on the German stock market on Friday. The spread of the Coronavirus agreed to be careful. Just under an hour before the opening of the X-Dax signaled as an indicator for the German leading index, the Dax, the Minus 0.10 percent, at 13.650 points. The Euro STOXX 50 is expected to be 0.34 percent weaker. DAX 13.663,44 PTS. -0,56 (-0,00%) Xetra

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In view of the spread of the Virus in Japan and South Korea the resulting economic burden could drag on even longer and far more negative consequences than the market currently will praise, said Analyst Michael Hewson from CMC Markets UK. For the Dax, a joyless trading week with a decline of 0.7 per cent - however, at a high level.

the economic side of interest in the morning, the purchasing managers ' indexes from the Euro zone. You will be followed closely, because they run with the economy exhibiting a high growth. Could you provide further evidence of the dwindling hope that a recovery of the economic activity in the first quarter, said Analyst Hewson.

The option expiration this Friday should look, according to market observers Thomas Altmann, the Dax investors on the brand with 13,500 points. "Should accelerate the rate of losses, it could be important."

2. Alliance boosts profits thanks to the business with life insurance - share turns premarket Minus

Good business in life insurance, the profit of the Alliance in 2019, surprisingly, been driven up. The bottom line is a Surplus of 7.9 billion euros, which is six percent more than a year earlier, as Europe's largest insurer, announced in Munich on Friday. The operating profit climbed by three percent to nearly 11.9 billion euros. It was thus in the upper area of the Board of management's target range and above the average expectations of analysts, even though the Alliance had to increase their loss reserves in the industry insurance of around 600 million euros.

shareholders are set to receive a nearly seven percent to 9.60 euros increased dividend. For the current year, the management Board chief Oliver Bäte takes a net operating profit of 11.5 to 12.5 billion Euro. Analysts had on average however, of 12.4 billion euros on the slip of paper.

At first glance, convincing year's numbers, an increase in the dividend and a new share repurchase program, have not passed on Friday in the Allianz shares, initially for bigger jumps. You turned the last into the red and traded on the trading platform Tradegate 0.3 percent weaker compared to the Xetra closing. Alliance 228,00 EUR -3,65 (-1,58%) Xetra

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Europe's biggest insurer, Allianz, shortly prior to the publication announced its annual balance sheet, a further share buy-back. Up to the end of the year, the Dax wants to acquire the company's own shares worth up to 1.5 billion euros on the market, as the company announced in Munich on Thursday night. The Alliance of course to put it on the trading platform in a first reaction to a percent.

The company has set for 2017, around 7.5 billion euros in the repurchase of our own securities. The Board of Directors had known about this strategy for the case that the group is not required excess capital for business expansion or the purchase of other companies.

3. Minus 15 percent: LPKF Laser & Electronics stock after weak business Outlook for the premarket under pressure

The shares of LPKF Laser & Electronics have fallen to a weak business Outlook on Friday pre-market pressure. The papers of the recently in the SDax ascended laser specialists were on the trading platform trade gate by around 15 percent to less than 20 Euro. At the beginning of the week, the price had risen at 25,70 Euro is still on a High for almost 20 years. LPKF Laser & Electronics 22,30 EUR -0,80 (-3,46%) Xetra price data

Due to the Coronavirus, and according to his own statement, "normal seasonality" of the business, the company expects in the current quarter, with a year on year decline in sales and profits. Over the year, the fulfilment of individual orders to move, however, only and, therefore, the Board assumes for 2020 a compared to the year-on-year increase in sales and profit.

4. Asian stock exchanges, the majority of with losses

The Asian stock markets declined on Friday by a majority. Thus, the fluctuations of the previous day continued. Fallen prices on the US stock markets and a warning of the consumer goods group Procter & Gamble from the impact of the Virus resulted in a growing awareness of risk, especially as rising Numbers of infections were reported with the Coronavirus.

economists expect, in the meantime, with noticeable skid marks by the disease. And not just for the Chinese economy. "In total the year 2020, the epidemic in China is likely to cost about 0.5 percentage points of GDP growth," it said in a commentary, the LBBW. "The epidemic has impacted on demand failures in China, production losses of foreign companies in China, failure of the end of subcontracting to companies in the world, and falling tourist numbers, other countries and forecast revisions of GDP for 2020." Nikkei 225 23.386,74 PTS. -92,41 (EUR -0.39%) World indices

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The Japanese index, the Nikkei 225 index lost 0.39 per cent on 23.386,74 points. Initial profits thanks to the Yen weakness, the Index could not hold. The CSI-300 Index with the 300 of the most important shares in the Chinese mainland stock markets ended the day well claims and 0.12 percent won 4.149,49 points. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong was last 1.06 percent to 27.317,29 counter.

events companies

07:00 DEU: Allianz, annual figures (8.30 h-balance sheet-Pk)

07:00 ENG: Rhön-Klinikum, annual figures

07:00 CHE: BB Biotech, annual figures

08:00 GBR: Pearson Group, year

08:30 ENG: Dr. Hönle, Q1 Figures

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ENG: Daimler annual report 2019

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dates for economy

ENG: the Federal Ministry of Finance monthly report 02/20

00:30 JPN: consumer prices 01/20

01:30 JPN: Jibun Bank's PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (preliminary)

05:30 JPN: All Industry Activity Index 12/19

09:15 FRA: PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (preliminary)

09:30 DEU: PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (preliminary)

10:00 EUR: PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (preliminary)

10:00 PLD: retail sales 01/20

10:30 GBR PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (preliminary)

11:00 EUR: consumer price 01/20 (final)

11:00 ITA: consumer prices 01/20 (final)

15:00 BEL: business climate 02/20

15:45 United States: PMI Manufacturing and services 02/19 (provisional)

16:00 USA: re-sales of houses 01/20

EUR: Moody's rating a result, France

EUR: S&P rating a result Lithuania, Latvia

EUR: Fitch rating a result of Bulgaria

EUR: DBRS rating a result, Slovenia

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