What are the markets moves today

1. Dax with a slight recovery - Trump supported the stock markets One of the United States avisiertes aid package against the economic consequences of the Coro

What are the markets moves today
1. Dax with a slight recovery - Trump supported the stock markets

One of the United States avisiertes aid package against the economic consequences of the Coronavirus could calm down on Tuesday, the stock markets. On the German market Monday after the previous black stock Exchange is currently a small recovery. A few hours before the Dax in the free case, 10,200 points. DAX 10.796,31 PTS. +171,29 (+1,61%) Xetra

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To the price data Currently, three-quarters of an hour before the start of trading, the X-Dax signals as vorbörslicher indicator for the German leading index with a Plus of 2.7 percent to 10.915 points. The Euro STOXX 50 is expected to be a similar increase of 2.2 percent. The Futures on US stock indices, which had previously yielded is still strong, rose also.

"Trump is the stock markets, the support, the all have been waiting for," said Portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from QC partner, and pointed to the recent statements of the US President. Donald Trump had previously informed about the possible income tax relief and loans for small businesses. In a conversation also helps for those who are paid by the hour wage, since they are affected in a disease-related loss of work is particularly difficult.

On Monday, the Dax had experienced one of the darkest days of his more than 30-year-old history. Because of rising through the Virus-triggered Recession and the additional risk of an oil price war, attracted investors panic share. They took refuge, instead, in safer havens such as government bonds and currencies. The German benchmark index slumped at the end of the day by almost eight percent to 10.625 points and suffered the largest percentage daily loss since the terrorist attacks on September 11. September 2001. After the previous, barely-interrupted two-week decline, the gains of the past year are consumed in the German stock market barometer is now almost.

2. Asia stock markets hit recovery rate

The stock exchanges in Asia have embarked on Tuesday in trading, a course for recovery. After the serious previous day losses of the temporarily by up to 4 per cent, slumped, Japan's Nikkei 225 turned after half-time to the Plus. Also in China the market is on the up again.

the First had lost the courses in the Wake of the massive losses in Europe and New York a lot of ground. Hope prepared for the investors, but measures in Japan and the United States to cope with economic stimulus packages against the novel Coronavirus. The economic impact of the Virus counter, was US President Donald Trump in the night in a hastily arranged appearance of a package of measures in view. In media similar preparations in Japan were discussed reports on the launched the emergency plan. Nikkei 225 19.867,12 PT. +168,36 (+0,85%) World indices

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To the price data On the Tokyo stock exchange and a model presented of the Nikkei 225 on Tuesday, ultimately, from 0.85 percent to 19.867,12 points. In China, the CSI won the 300 of the most important shares in the Chinese mainland exchanges, even 2.14 per cent to 4.082,73 points. The Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rose two per cent to 25.545,78 points.

3. Deutsche Post deserves more - increase in the dividend

Deutsche Post DHL and has earned in the past year, the bottom line is more and increased the dividend. For 2019, the shareholders are to receive 1.25 euros per share, 10 cents more than a year earlier, as the logistics group, announced on Tuesday in Bonn. The group's earnings rose last year by a good 26 percent to 2.6 billion euros, which was slightly below the average expectations of analysts. The dividend is higher than expected. Deutsche Post 23,25 EUR 0,64 (+2,81%) Xetra

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To the price data from The view into the future looks less rosy: The novel Coronavirus to the group to create, which is why the Management at the end of February, practically, his goal had been conceded, to achieve in the current year, an operating profit (Ebit) of at least 5 billion euros. To the surprising for the street scooter caused this year in additional costs.

sales rose in 2019 - as already known - by almost three percent to 63.3 billion euros. The operating profit increased after a slump in year-on-year to nearly 31 percent to 4.1 billion euros.

4. Uniper a cautious start in new year

The energy company Uniper care in the new fiscal year. The adjusted operating result (Ebit) should be in 2020 to between 0.75 and 1 billion euros, the company said on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. In the Mediterranean, this would mean, once again, a result around prior-year level. In 2019, the energy company reached 863 million euros, a stable adjusted Ebit. This Uniper benefited among other things from rising electricity prices and higher production volumes.

The group net income amounted to 644 million euros, with a loss of 442 million a year earlier. This was mainly due to a positive effect of futures contracts of raw materials with which Uniper secures the electricity and gas business against price fluctuations.

For 2019 want to throw out Uniper a higher dividend than planned. 1.15 euros per share to get shareholders, 28 percent more than in the previous year. The dividend payout will be at a total of 421 million euros and thus higher than in the autumn is planned as a Uniper had announced 390 million, which would have corresponded to a dividend of 1.07 Euro per share. 2020 Uniper wants to increase the sum to € 500 million. The major beneficiary of the Finnish major shareholder, Fortum is .

5. Schaeffler under pressure: Maue car economy burdened

The car - and industrial supplier Schaeffler looks in the light of the feeble downturn in the auto industry, and the Corona-crisis on the fiscal year 2020. So, the management Board anticipates sales on a currency-adjusted decline of up to two percent. In the best case, and is expected to reach the revenue level of the previous year, informed the companies in the SDax, at the time of submission of the annual balance sheet on Tuesday in Herzogenaurach, Germany. In 2019, sales stagnated adjusted at 14.4 billion euros.

Of the Proceeds should remain in the new year to 6.5 to 7.5 percent as adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (adjusted Ebit) left. That would be significantly less than in the previous year. Since the margin was already declined by 1.6 percentage points to 8.1 percent. Schaeffler Vz. 6,68 EUR to +0.22 (+3,47%) Xetra

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the course data, The specialist for couplings, Gear and bearing had to get the weakness of the auto markets in the past year, and its forecast for the year to caps. The bottom line to the shareholders attributable net Income collapsed by more than half to 428 million euros.

Positive it was after all, the free cash inflow (Free cash flow). This improved compared to the previous year to 478 million euros. The shareholders will receive a dividend of EUR 0.45 per preference share, 10 cents less than in the previous year.

events companies

07:00 DEU: Deutsche Post DHL , annual figures + 10.30 balance sheet-Pk

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10:00 DEU: year-Pk of the Bavarian Volks - and Raiffeisen banks, Munich

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dates for economy

02:30 CHN: producer prices 02/20

02:30 CHN: consumer prices 02/20

08:00 ENG: labour costs Q4/19

08:45 FRA industrial production 01/20

10:00 ITA: Industrial production 01/20

11:00 EUR: employment, Q4/20 (final)

11:00 EUR: GDP, Q4/20 (final)

11:00 EUR: consumer expenditure, Q4/20

11:00 EUR: government expenditure, Q4/20

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