COMMUNICADO: Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: los cinco cambios en materia de deportes y turismo en 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICADO: Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: los cinco cambios en materia de deportes y turismo en 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 4

The executive expert in sports marketing Jose Eshkenazi Smeke shares his vision on the importance of tourism associated with sporting events

The recent changes in Las Vegas show the trends that the tourism industry is experiencing worldwide. In this regard, sports marketing expert Jose Eshkenazi Smeke pointed out the five trends in this area for 2023. "Recent investments in the city of Las Vegas show changes in the tourism industry that go beyond the traditional ones. In 2023 Las Vegas becomes the host city of Formula One, consolidates as an NFL destination and the announcement of the new NBA expansion team is expected, which is why the link between sports marketing and tourism is increasingly beginning to be stronger," said sports marketing expert Jose Eshkenazi Smeke. "Tourism of sports events shows the effectiveness of sports marketing in building audience loyalty. The generation of fans in sports leagues allows positioning not only consumer products but also life experiences Las Vegas demonstrates that not only live shows or concerts can sustain the growth of high-value tourism in cities, recent investments allow this establish Las Vegas as a premium sports destination beyond conventions", emphasized Jose Eshkenazi Smeke. Indeed, cities in the world are proposing their growth based on tourism that allows an incremental economic development. The city of Tokyo in its post-Covid development plans considers tourism as a strategy for sustainable growth."Large sporting events have shown notable success. An example is Formula One in Mexico City. The event has allowed a notable spillover economy and have consolidated the cdmx as a city with the capacity to develop events of premium experiences. Today Mexico City is considered the third best city in the world for Expat, below Valencia and Dubai", commented the executive Finally, the executive shared the five trends to consider for this 2023 in the field of sports marketing and tourism: 1. Stadium modernization. Madrid is renewing its stadium infrastructure and Mexico City is beginning an equivalent process.2. International promotion of teams from different branches of cities. Real Madrid and Barcelona are excellent references in this regard.3. Sports rights. The different leagues should have more efficient content distribution strategies.4. Merchandising and uniforms. The Japan soccer team has been very efficient in this matter. The collaborations that Adidas has developed have allowed their uniforms to be considered top-level urban style pieces.5. International tours. Like different singers, individual and collective athletes require these strategies. The latest tennis experts with Rafael Nadal show this effectiveness. ContactContact name: Antonio LopezContact phone: 7869093122