COMMUNICATION: How to increase the security of a home? According to Persianistas Zaragoza

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: How to increase the security of a home? According to Persianistas Zaragoza

(Information sent by the signing company)

If you are looking for a means of protection to make a home safer, have you thought about renovating or installing shutters?

Keeping a home secure means preventing easy access. More than a third of burglars use windows as a second means of access if they can't force the front door.

Windows that have only one pane and are particularly vulnerable: a thief can simply break the pane, reach in and open the sash. For this reason, it is recommended to opt for windows that offer more resistance, such as armored models that combine a solid structure with anti-theft glazing. And if the windows are particularly exposed, the most effective way to protect them is to install shutters.

Roller shutters can also be used to increase the security of single-family homes and single-family homes.

Shutters delay or hinder the thief

Although the shutters do not guarantee the inviolability of the home, they have a deterrent effect. Most thieves take the easy way out and move on to the next house if the first one is a bit difficult to break into.

Roller shutters cover the entire opening, be it a window, French window or sliding door, and form a solid first barrier that must be removed before the window can be accessed. In the closed position, they are an additional step that thieves must overcome. Therein lies its great advantage: making it difficult to access through the windows, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to enter.

As a thief does not want to waste time, he will reasonably choose a less protected home to avoid being discovered. The presence of shutters is enough to deter the vast majority of intruders. He does not deprive himself of this comfort.

Anti-theft shutters and the PIR index

According to blind repair experts in Zaragoza, to be completely burglar-proof, blinds must meet strict safety standards. The security shutters are the only ones that have the A2P certification, which guarantees correct operation in the event of an attempted robbery.

Recognized by several insurance companies, the A2P label guarantees a degree of resistance to external intrusion attempts. Issued by a quality certification body, this label is based on various elements of the product (materials), to grant or not certification. Also, there are 3 different grades for this label.

Named R1, R2, and R3, these grades correspond to increasing levels of resistance. Being R1 the lowest level and R3 the most resistant. This label and associated grade are indelibly marked on certified shades, making it very easy to see if the shades are safe or not.

If you have to refer to an index, it is recommended to choose this one, the PRI, which stands for Pressure Resistance Index. The PRI is indicated on most shutters and should be noted. The lowest level is 10 and the highest is 150. Starting at 80 you can already be relatively safe from intrusion, as would-be thieves will have to struggle for almost 10 minutes to open a shutter, knowing that 95% of them give up after 5 minutes, this is usually more than enough.

Do roller shutters make it difficult for a thief to enter?

The roller shutters are visible from the outside, they indicate to the malicious that they will face an additional difficulty, while sending them a clear message: "do not enter! It is less easy to break a window with a lowered shutter than an unprotected glass .

Secure shutters are usually enough to deter thieves as they can last for a long time. In contrast, a standard shutter, without any additional protection, can be easily removed without slowing down thieves.

However, there are several systems, such as anti-lift, anti-pick or anti-tear, that are easy to install and that will improve the resistance of the shutter and limit the risks to secure the home and protect it.

To increase the safety of the shutters, it can be equipped with the following options:

1. Rigid Fastening Blind repair experts suggest that installing fasteners can prevent the blind from being lifted manually. Thieves will not be able to lift the slats to open the blind because the clamps will block the opening mechanism.

These elements are a simple and effective solution that are placed automatically when the shutters are completely closed. So you don't need to think about locking the mechanism yourself.

2. Manual locks

Manual locks also prevent the blind from lifting. The system is simple and effective: the manual locks, which can only be operated from the inside, lock the last slat.

3. Key locks

It works similarly to manual locks. It locks the last slat of the shutter but, unlike manual locks, it requires a key. In this way, those who do not have the key cannot unlock the mechanism.

4. Blind motorization

Again, blind repair experts point out that the presence of a motor in a roller shutter is a real advantage from a safety point of view.

If you try to forcefully open the shutter, the motor will counteract the force and make it almost impossible to open. Keep in mind that all blinds can be motorized, so any blind can be motorized regardless of the model. You only have to choose the most suitable solution to install the tubular motor in the winding mechanism, which does not require any major work.

Blind repair experts also suggest opting for an automatic system that will allow you to program the blind to automatically open or close at certain times of the day to simulate activity and bring life to the home when no one is around. or to make the house look inhabited while you are on vacation, for example.

5. Aluminum sludge

Aluminum slats are stronger, more robust and more dissuasive than PVC. They are a real deterrent to intruders.

In solution, all these solutions will allow you to optimize the security of the shutters so that they are especially difficult to force and prevent thieves from making their own.

As intruders will have a very difficult time opening them due to the opening delay, they will be forced to completely break the shutter in order to gain entry to the property.

However, breaking a shutter is a noisy procedure both day and night, and difficult to carry out in a short time, and therefore risky. Then there is a second barrier behind it: the window, which would also have to be broken.


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