ANNOUNCED: Bostik announces the opening of an Ideal Work showroom in Paris

COLOMBES, France, Oct.

ANNOUNCED: Bostik announces the opening of an Ideal Work showroom in Paris

COLOMBES, France, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bostik, Arkema's adhesives segment, is proud to announce the opening of the Paris showroom of Ideal Work, an Italian specialist in high-end decorative flooring technologies. added value, which the Group acquired in 2020.

The opening of this first showroom outside of Italy is a concrete example of the strong support provided by the Group since the acquisition of Ideal Work to help accelerate its development in Europe and around the world.

Conceived as a "Concrete House", the showroom, located in the heart of Paris, exhibits in more than 200 square meters some of Ideal Work's most iconic technologies, such as ®Mictrotopping, ®Lixio and Concrete Optik. True to the Ideal Work and Bostik DNA of creating long-term quality relationships with its partners and customers, it will act as a meeting place for decorative coatings professionals in Europe.

"IDEAL WORK has been writing its history for 25 years, and this new page is a milestone in our development in France. The creation of this showroom is one of the most ambitious projects carried out by IDEAL WORK, and the launch of this place has been made possible thanks to the support of many applicators, partners and the support of Bostik and the Arkema group," said Christophe Vaissier, head of development for Ideal Work in France.

"Becoming part of the Arkema Group has been a key step in supporting the growth of Ideal Work. The opening of the showroom in Paris is a milestone that allows us to present our solutions to European professionals, something that would not have been possible without the support of our Bostik colleagues who believed in our vision," said Luca Seminati, CEO of Ideal Work.

About Bostik, an Arkema company

Bostik, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group and a global player in specialty adhesives for the industrial, consumer and construction markets, develops innovative, multifunctional sealing and bonding solutions that have shaped our daily lives for more than 130 years. With an annual turnover of 2,100 million euros in 2019, a presence in more than 40 countries and 6,000 employees, the company is committed to facing the great ecological, energy and technological challenges through its innovations. It is focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence to meet the expectations of its customers and partners.

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