Food discounters: Online not worthwhile

Aldi builds flats, others put on fashion: The disco is struggling for customers, the demand has changed. Supply is not an option for food retailers.

Food discounters: Online not worthwhile
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    It would have been good to Lidl thing with used cars. When se days message went down, disco under will sell his discarded company car in future in his own dealership, were amazed even trade experts. But basically it didn't surprise market observers.

    Although early Lidl-used car trade proved to be a hoax – parent company, Schwarz Group, said that y would "resell used company cars" to a predominant part via wholesalers ", become ir own used car centre Not give it. But after all, news caused a stir.

    This is exactly what trade chains are currently striving for – because attention is only thing that will bring m forward in fight for customers in Germany, as trade expert Matthias Mercury from analysis platform LZ Retailytics explains: "The food market has long since become a Attention market. Früherschalteten The supermarkets just show pork belly; Today everyone is trying to draw attention to mselves through innovations or gimmicks. " For example by DenVerkauf a Anastacia fashion collection or by Günr Jauch wine.

    The biggest media coup is Aldi Nord has succeeded. Aldi now build flats, announced disco filed under a few weeks. In Berlin he wants to rebuild some of his typischenFlachdachfilialen and build multi-storey residential houses around it. This is supposed to help capital that is plagued by housing shortages to more rented flats – so Aldi communicated publicly. And announced project also has PraktischenNebeneffekt that stores and customers grow closer toger, yes, in future Sogarunter a roof.

    Consumption- supermarket of future in innovative retail lab will be researched for supermarket of future. The prototypes developed re often fall back on camera technology – and on data of customers. The return from Green Meadow

    The "physical proximity to customer" is now considered to be decisive "core performance UndAlleinstellungsmerkmal" of Aldi, Lidl and or competitors, says Andreas Krämer, professor of customer relationship management and strategy consultant for trade. The food business has changed considerably. In 1980s, chains spread in inner cities, with KleinerenLäden of 300 or 400 square meters. In 1990s, y opened more monstrous branches on Green Meadow, but with large parking spaces. The Wachstumdieser branches are now pushing limits. In addition, more and more people are moving back to city centres, so supermarkets and discounters are pulling back re.

    The only problem is: place in city centres is limited. Deswegenmüssen The food chains have something to do with it. They müssenentweder waiting for some large textile chains to make soft and free surfaces. Or you have to jump up in large-scale conversions, when large office real estate ZuEinzelhandelsflächen are rebuilt, as in historic hops post in Munich. Or just build it yourself.

    "It is worth noting what fora effort Disco undertakes, only to get closer to Andie customers again in big cities", also finds Mercury. "Basically, y have made DieWiedereinkehr into inner cities now only for a media event" – Damitsie customer does not get lost.

    Because competition of klassischenLebensmittelverkäufer has become much harder. The constant price struggle between m only leads to thin margins. Thus, more and more buyers are needed to grow at least as sales increase. A concentration wave has long since reduced industry to four large participants: Aldi, Lidl, Edeka and Rewe. Recently, however, a new competitor is mixing – and that is World Group Amazon. He wants to mingle with his online delivery service Amazon Fresh local food market. And this is diegroße danger, says trade expert Mercury: "Currently everything is driven by Derangest before Amazon."

    Updated Date: 04 April 2018, 12:03

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