PRESS RELEASE: HOOKII launches an ecological parallel cutting robotic lawnmower

With the clever Neomow S, you only need twice a week to maintain a stunning lawn.

PRESS RELEASE: HOOKII launches an ecological parallel cutting robotic lawnmower

With the clever Neomow S, you only need twice a week to maintain a stunning lawn.

SHENZHEN, China, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HOOKII, a product and innovation-oriented technology company, today announced the launch of Neomow S, the company's first robotic lawnmower. This parallel cutting robotic lawnmower is designed to offer an environmentally friendly mowing solution. The product is built with a 4400 mAh battery and can mow up to 300 square meters on a single charge.

The Neomow S robotic lawnmower includes the following key features:

Mow in parallel to double the coverage of random mowing. Combined with the built-in IMU and GPS, the HOOKII algorithm gives the mower the ability to accurately calculate the mowing path when landscaping the lawn, allowing it to automatically choose the best pattern by dividing the lawn into multiple zones and performing the tasks of landscaping. cut in straight parallel lines.

The stop point trimming feature allows the Neomow S to reduce the area of ​​repeated mowing. When the power is low, it will automatically return to charging, and it will continue to mow at the stop point after the battery is fully charged.

HOOKII APP management allows users to set the mowing mode and schedule according to their needs. Through the built-in Bluetooth, WIFI and 4G connection, users can adjust the cutting direction, check the working time and power status of Neomow S. Its cross cutting mode can effectively reduce missed cuts on complex terrain, as in weak signal conditions.

Neomow S, together with rain detection sensors and IPX5 waterproofing, protects both the lawn and itself from damage by stopping mowing on rainy days. Ultrasonic sensors and multiple other sensors help the mower to avoid obstacles autonomously. In addition, the mower has other functions, such as anti-theft and multi-zone management.

"Our first generation Neomow S adopts multi-sensor fusion technology for consistent mowing and can cover up to 300 square meters on a single charge, thus improving mowing efficiency. It is an industry first and is sold in all channels," said Rocky Wong, CEO of HOOKII. "We have also managed to control costs excellently, allowing users to purchase parallel mowing products at the price of random mowing products. In addition, our new generation robotic lawnmower uses the latest SLAM technology to achieve virtual limits, parallel mowing and precise obstacle avoidance. Its launch is scheduled for the second quarter of this year."

Neomow S offers three models: WIFI, WIFI 4G, WIFI 4G Ultrasonic Sensor, and they are available on the HOOKII website, Amazon and offline stores, with prices between 899 and 1,149 euros.

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About HOOKII HOOKII is the robotic mower brand of Orca Innovation Technology Co, Ltd. It was founded in February 2022. Core team members come from the world's leading robot and drone companies. They have expertise in advanced robotics and offer consumers state-of-the-art professional robotics solutions. Official website:, and https://de.hookii. com/

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