RELEASE: Andalusian ingenuity at the forefront: two engineers transform the Call Center industry through AI

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RELEASE: Andalusian ingenuity at the forefront: two engineers transform the Call Center industry through AI

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Seville, February 13

From Andalusia, land of sunshine and cradle of innovators, two engineers, José and Víctor, are marking a before and after in the call center sector. His brainchild, Track4Call, combines the precision of artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of the dynamics of human interactions, setting a new standard for efficiency and transparency in the industry.

After a frustrating experience with the telephone contracting of an energy service, where the real characteristics of the service did not match what was promised in the call, José Antonio, together with his partner Víctor, felt motivated to find a solution. This episode was the catalyst for the creation of Track4Call (, a system designed to ensure transparency and accuracy in every telephone interaction. Its history reflects not only Andalusian ingenuity, but also the ability to transform a negative experience into an engine of innovation and change. In the constant search for innovation and process improvement, the call center sector is facing a technological milestone that could redefine your operational and quality standards. Track4Call, an advanced sales call quality auditing software, emerges as a pioneer in the integration of artificial intelligence to understand and analyze interactions in real time. Differentiating itself from conventional solutions, Track4Call is not limited to a superficial analysis of the calls. Its sophisticated AI is capable of understanding the essence of conversations, meticulously contrasting them against one or more arguments previously defined by the client. This approach allows a detailed assessment of each aspect of the call, considering various factors and assigning them a specific weight in the final evaluation. Beyond improving the quality and efficiency of sales calls, Track4Call positions itself as a strategic ally in verification. of hiring. The software extracts crucial data from interactions and matches it with relevant databases to confirm its veracity. This feature not only raises the standard of reliability in contracts made by call centers, but also contributes to the prevention of fraud and operational errors. The adoption of Track4Call represents not only an evolution in call center management, but also a significant reduction in costs associated with operations and processes. By automating and fine-tuning tasks that traditionally required a considerable investment of time and human resources, this software is emerging as a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to optimize their operations without compromising quality. In a sector where excellence in customer service is a Crucial differentiator, Track4Call stands as a catalyst for change, ushering in a new era in call center management. With its cutting-edge technology and efficiency-focused approach, this software not only promises to transform the industry but also set new paradigms in customer interaction and satisfaction.

Contact Contact name: José Antonio Matos Contact description: CEO Track4X Contact phone: 34910054779