STATEMENT: Giving life insurance: the new way to say "I love you through SegurChollo"

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Giving life insurance: the new way to say "I love you through SegurChollo"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 13

This is an initiative that promises to change the way the most meaningful gifts are perceived. SegurChollo has launched a pioneering campaign with a profound message: "Giving life insurance is giving love." This innovative campaign seeks to highlight the importance of foresight and long-term care as the maximum expressions of love in society

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, SegurChollo has decided to approach the concept of love and care from an innovative and less conventional perspective. Through a series of short videos, full of humor and warmth, the campaign shows how, in contrast to traditional gifts, life insurance emerges as the most genuine and lasting gesture of love.Beyond conventional gifts This initiative It comes at a crucial time, where life insurance has traditionally been viewed from a purely pragmatic perspective, often linked to banking requirements for mortgages. At SegurChollo they invite you to reflect on life insurance as a vital safety net for the most difficult times, offering solutions to unexpected economic problems that may arise. An act of mutual love The campaign highlights the perception of giving life insurance as a gift. act of mutual love, taking into account the disability clauses that provide direct protection to the insured. From this perspective, considering one's own safety emerges as a way to care for loved ones, mitigating possible future burdens.Flexibility and personalization Another key to the campaign is the flexibility that life insurance offers. SegurChollo emphasizes that it is possible to have multiple policies, each with different beneficiaries, thus adapting the protection to the specific needs of each person and their particular circumstance. This personalization ensures that the gift of life insurance is as unique and meaningful as the relationship it seeks to protect.Give life insurance on Valentine's Day The campaign not only seeks to promote the purchase of life insurance as a demonstration of love, but also encourage reflection on how actions can provide long-term security and peace of mind to loved ones. SegurChollo invites everyone to consider the gift of life insurance this Valentine's Day, and to reflect on love in its many forms, remembering that the gestures that protect and care are the most valuable. In summary, the campaign "Giving life insurance is giving love" by SegurChollo not only redefines the concept of the perfect gift, but also reinforces the importance of foresight, care and unconditional love in everyday life. An initiative that, without a doubt, marks a before and after in the way of expressing love. SegurChollo is distinguished by its specialization in insurance that protects what is most valuable: people, such as life and health insurance.

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