RELEASE: presents the Summit on WhatsApp sales using Artificial Intelligence

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: presents the Summit on WhatsApp sales using Artificial Intelligence

(Information sent by the signatory company)

On June 29 at 8:00 p.m. will kick off the third Summit on how to sell through WhatsApp using Artificial Intelligence with more than 2,000 registered users. This is an online event, live and free.

There are three categories of businesses that will be able to make the most of this summit:.

1.- Companies or freelancers who have tried to sell online without good or no results and find it very difficult to make it possible.

2.-Companies or freelancers who are selling unsuccessfully through traditional channels and want to experiment with other, more effective channels.

3.- Agencies that want to innovate in their offer for their clients with services based on WhatsApp. Sectors such as fashion, education, automotive, insurance, and financial services, among others, are making great strides with strategies based on WhatsApp.

Attendees who want to sign up can register for free at this link. This is an online event, live and free.

"Being able to receive WhatsApps every day from people interested in the products and services that interest you the most."

What topics are covered in this Summit on sales with WhatsApp.

The objective is that the attendees can take action and in less than 24 hours they are already applying everything that they will be able to see in this live event. This Summit offers practical and simple tools and strategies to sell online using WhatsApp and Artificial Intelligence as the main communication channel.

o Why should companies and freelancers use WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the favorite channel of customers and it is where you can generate a simpler, closer and more direct communication.

o How to add WhatsApp to the online strategy? In this Summit, it will be explained in detail how to create a sales process from the ads on Facebook and Instagram to the closing of the sale by WhatsApp using Artificial Intelligence. The goal is for Summit attendees to start their online strategy in a practical way.

What topics will be discussed in this Summit.

How to sell in 2023?

By Lluís Sardá.

Lluís will explain what is currently happening in the world of online sales, breaking myths and limiting beliefs that could be holding back sales. In addition, he will explain in detail the new paradigm of digital sales.

WhatsApp and Artificial Intelligence: the star combination.

By Jose Mark.

It will show how to sell every day through WhatsApp with the AI ​​of Generator Landing. In addition, it will detail the sales strategy through WhatsApp with a success story that generated 120,000 euros in an online training launch.

How to create pages to attract more customers in less than 30 seconds.

By Lluís Sardá.

How through Artificial Intelligence and the Generator Landing builder any company or freelancer is able to create their page with a single click. Without the need to know programming or have design knowledge.

How to get the most out of WhatsApp.

By Caesar Martin and Jaime Berned.

It will teach how to organize, manage and classify sales closing conversations through WhatsApp. And he will explain a live case study: how to create massive marketing campaigns for businesses using WhatsApp.

Who is this Summit for?

This Summit is for businesses and freelancers who*.

o They have a hard time reaching new potential customers.

o They do not know how to manage sales closures for their product or service.

o They want to learn and improve their skills in Digital Marketing.

o They have a business idea and want to validate it.

o They have a good product or service and want to sell more online.

o They work in a company and want to contribute new sales strategies.

o They seek extra income by helping other people to get more sales.

o They are looking for a transformation and want to reinvent themselves.

o They need simple and uncomplicated sales methods to sell more in 2023.

o They don't know how to organize conversations with their potential customers.

o They do not have followers on social networks and do not know what to do to increase their visibility.

Resources and how to sign up:.

Attendees who want to sign up can register for free at this link. This is an online event, live and free.

Free resources for attendees.

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