RELEASE: Security reinvented: Safety Reimagined by Motorola Solutions arrives in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Security reinvented: Safety Reimagined by Motorola Solutions arrives in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 12, 2023.- Companies face increasingly complex operational and security problems. Overseeing large areas of operation, or with certain demands, makes it difficult to recognize and proactively respond to potential threats before they become emergencies. For this reason, Motorola Solutions has developed a solution that allows technologies to work together, connected to each other, which avoids problems on a day-to-day basis and improves response times to incidents.

SAFETY REIMAGINED is the new security ecosystem from Motorola Solutions, which arrives in Spain after its launch in the United States and Latin America. And it does so hand in hand with Tecnitrán Telecomunicaciones, a leading company in professional Telecommunications services, which has been a Motorola Partner for more than 30 years and an official distributor and integrator of Safety Reimagined for Spain.

With Safety Reimagined, staff can instantly communicate via voice devices and connect with the rest of the team, by workflow or zone. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and video analytics, video surveillance systems identify key points of interest and can send information about any alert directly to the walkie talkies of security personnel so that they can act.

This ecosystem is based on 4 key steps: Detect, Analyze, Communicate and Respond.

The main technologies that are part of this ecosystem are MOTOTRBO radio systems from Motorola Solutions, Avigilon video surveillance cameras, PoC Wave PTX solutions, Avigilon personal cameras, management software such as Radio Alert or cloud platforms to automate processes. as Orchestrate.


This system is perfect for those companies or infrastructures that use walkie talkies for voice communications and video surveillance systems on a daily basis, such as airports, hospitals, public services, shopping centers, etc.

With Safety Reimagined, technologies stop working in isolation and depend on a single provider, which will make it easier to communicate and share data. Security teams will be able to work together, since this ecosystem allows workflows to be unified on the same platform.

In addition, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, different technologies not only integrate, they also learn from each other. Information flows from cameras to walkie talkies or from smart devices to control centers, so staff have access to all information, especially in hard-to-see areas. In this way, security teams can anticipate incidents and resolve them more quickly and efficiently.

About Tecnitrán Telecommunications

Tecnitrán is a company, with more than 30 years in the Telecommunications sector, that offers integral solutions adapted to the needs of each company. Its areas of activity are: professional walkie talkies, video surveillance, unified communications, headphones, access controls and walkie rental. It is a technological partner of the main manufacturers in the sector such as Motorola Solutions, Avigilon, Kenwood, Jabra, Poly or ZKTeco, among others.

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