RELEASE: The Allianz Partners Christmas video, interpreted by its employees and with a key message

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The Allianz Partners Christmas video, interpreted by its employees and with a key message

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 22, 2022.

The company premieres its new Christmas video, starring its collaborators and focused on the entity's purpose; ´Facilitate the lives of millions of people´

With the purpose of closing the year 2022 with an optimistic tone, focused on its purpose and making visible the effort of its employees, Allianz Partners premieres its new Christmas video entitled: How fast does Santa Claus's sleigh travel? The audiovisual, starring collaborators from different departments of Allianz Partners, begins with a series of unanswered questions and enigmas, ending with a key message: the purpose of the entity, which according to the video is possible thanks to the involvement of each of the people who make up the company. In the words of Beatriz Toribio, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability at Allianz Partners, "2022 has been a difficult year for almost everyone: economic uncertainty, geopolitical tension, very sad events such as the invasion of Ukraine... But It has also started new, very positive paths, which we will continue building in 2023. At Allianz Partners we have proposed to focus on the good, close I am walking towards 2022 and welcoming the new year with a message that contains two things that, for us, are fundamental: the human quality of our Team and our purpose of caring for people; all this with a kind touch that makes us smile at this very special time". an experience to live the recording from within. The hours of work and the number of people behind it are incredible for a 90-second video, but honestly the result has been fantastic and the values ​​of Allianz Partners are shown very well". A statement shared by Cristina Rosado: "I had fun a lot and this type of initiative helps to maintain the bond of commitment with the company". On the other hand, the participants in the video also highlighted the importance of this type of action that allows a company of the size of Allianz Partners, its employees can meet in a different environment, as indicated by Patricia Alcázar, part of the entity's Human Resources team, "the fact that they count on you for this type of action makes you feel, even more, part of the Allianz Partners family. The possibility of sharing with colleagues from other departments in different environments is an opportunity to discover those qualities that you didn't know about them before." In this sense, Carlos Yaner, tells an anecdote between laughs of how "very easy it was to let myself fall into the arms of my classmates. I fully trusted them". Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners, claims to be very proud of this production, "100% Allianz Partners" and in which exclusively employees of the entity have participated. "It is true, we cannot know what we 2023 will bring, although as we say in our video: we cannot solve all the enigmas of humanity, but what we do know how to do very well is take care of you". See the Allianz Partners Christmas video here.

Contact Contact name: Beatriz Toribio Contact description: Beatriz Toribio Contact telephone number: 34 639 269 253

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