STATEMENT: Asecrypto, a reference association in Spain in the promotion and regulation of digital assets, is born

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Asecrypto, a reference association in Spain in the promotion and regulation of digital assets, is born

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Asecrypto aims to legitimize the crypto/web3 sector and promote the adoption of this technology

Madrid, February 7, 2024.- In response to the growing need for legitimate representation and comprehensive education in the field of digital assets, Asecrypto has been established, a pioneering association in the field of cryptoassets, Web3 and blockchain technology. . Founded by a team of eight experts with extensive experience and supported by numerous representatives of the sector, Asecrypto emerges as a necessary response to the challenges and opportunities presented by this highly innovative industry. Asecrypto's mission is clear: to promote understanding and correct perception of cryptoassets, counteracting the wrong image frequently projected in the media due to lack of in-depth knowledge of the subject, in addition to promoting adequate regulation that helps Spain be a benchmark in this cutting-edge sector. The association's driving forces are to renowned professionals in the sector in all its aspects, such as Eneko Knörr (Stabolut), Jesús Pérez (Cryptoplaza), Miguel Caballero (Tutellus), Alex Puig (Context Protocol), Yael H. Oaknín (Token City), Javier Palomino (Dextools. io), Laura Estefanía (Hokku PR) and Ángel Luis Quesada (Onyze), who make up the board, and have extensive support from the companies and professionals of the industry they represent. "We are at a crucial time for the digital asset industry. It is essential to have a reliable and educational source that can offer clarity and knowledge in an often misunderstood field," comments Eneko Knörr, President of Asecrypto. "Web3 is characterized by decentralizing the monopoly of data on the Internet as we know it today. At the same time, it encompasses artificial intelligence, the metaverse and blockchain technology. The digital assets space is based on the latter. "We need good regulation in our sector so that it develops and can create and attract more companies and international talent," says Jesús Pérez, vice president of Asecrypto. With blockchain technology as the central axis in an unprecedented industry, Asecrypto not only aims to be up to date with global regulation and know how to communicate and adapt it, but also to be a leading voice in the recognition of professionals who contribute to its growth. The association is committed to being an essential resource for everyone, from enthusiasts to industry professionals, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to participate in the world of crypto assets with confidence. For more information about Asecrypto and its initiatives, please visit www.asecrypto .es Issuer: Asercrypto

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