STATEMENT: Cbp Spain becomes Kereis Iberia

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Cbp Spain becomes Kereis Iberia

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Kereis Group (formerly Grupo Financiero CEP) is one of the leading European companies in the business of personal insurance mediation, payment protection insurance and financial services, with a track record of more than 30 years in the French market and 15 of solid presence in the Iberian market. Now, the Spanish subsidiary of the Group (Cbp Spain), along with the recently opened Portuguese branch, is renamed Kereis Iberia

A new brand and a new corporate identity that respond to the global strategic change process in which the parent group has been immersed since last year. The new Kereis identity, which will apply with immediate effect to all the company's international subsidiaries, is based on the pillar of protection for all Group clients, their projects and their financing. This global strategic renovation is not limited to the name change, but "redefines the meaning of the brand based on 'protection', the logo is renewed and the entire visual identity of the company is transformed", explains Paz Andrada-Vanderwilde, CEO of Kereis Iberia. "In addition, our new name also includes the recent opening of the new branch in Portugal, integrating the Portuguese and Spanish operations in the Iberia market." Andrada-Vanderwilde also highlights that "the change of identity includes protection and reliable solutions that we want to continue offering our partners, always adapted to their current needs and challenges". And also reflecting the new values ​​of the company: Excellence, Audacity, Agility and Closeness. As well as its firm commitment to the ASG and CSR criteria, which it has incorporated into its corporate values. In this way, the company's brand change will become effective progressively. Regarding its products and services, Kereis Iberia will continue to collaborate as it has up to now with its partners in the insurance industry in the marketing of a wide range of insurance products (PPI, GAP, individual protection, income protection and extension of guarantees). With a comprehensive program development model (creation, implementation, operational management, technical analysis, evolution...), it allows maximizing its life cycle, always keeping the end customer at the center of the value chain.Kereis Iberia also contributes to the optimization of operational processes of insurers and mediators. With its exceptional management capabilities, it guarantees excellence in key functions such as underwriting, medical and financial risk assessments, after-sales and claims management, claims, operating circuits, among others. The company's partners include several of the country's leading financial institutions and utilities. The management team that will take the reins of Kereis Iberia in this new phase is made up of Paz Andrada-Vanderwilde, CEO; Mikel Landa Ruiz de Arcaute, Commercial Director

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