STATEMENT: FOGASA helps maintain a financial safeguard in the face of a business crisis

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FOGASA helps maintain a financial safeguard in the face of a business crisis

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 6

The law firm Català Reinón Abogados does not explain how the Salary Guarantee Fund (FOGASA) ensures the economic well-being of employees in the face of insolvencies and company closures, providing a key summary about its operation and how to access its benefits

In the current scenario of economic fluctuations, the Salary Guarantee Fund (FOGASA) stands as a bastion of protection for employees, ensuring economic well-being in the face of adversities such as insolvencies or business closures. Founded in 1976 and attached to the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, FOGASA guarantees the payment of salaries and compensation, acting as insurance against companies' inability to pay. FOGASA's intervention is activated in circumstances such as the declaration of insolvency or bankruptcy of the company, ensuring the payment of up to 120 days of salary, including extraordinary payments, and covering compensation for dismissal or end of the employment relationship. Despite its limitations, as explained by the Madrid law firm, Català Reinón Abogados, such as the maximum payment limit established by law, its existence is crucial to mitigate the economic impact on workers during periods of job uncertainty.To access To receive FOGASA benefits, certain criteria must be met, including having been an employee of the company during the last 120 days prior to the insolvency situation and that no salary or compensation payment has been received. In addition, the request must be submitted by the worker, who must gather and provide the necessary documentation through FOGASA's online platform or in person at its offices. In the event of denial of benefits by FOGASA, there are means of administrative claim and judicial for workers. Legal assistance is recommended in these procedures to ensure adequate representation and maximize the chances of success. FOGASA plays an essential role in the labor protection system, offering financial support to workers at critical times. Legal advice is shown to be a valuable resource to navigate the process of requesting and claiming benefits, ensuring the defense of labor and economic rights in situations of business vulnerability.ContactContact name: Gemma Reinon TardaguilaContact description: CATALA REINON ADVOCATS, SLPContact phone : 685996721