STATEMENT: Specialization is the recipe for competitiveness in Ecommerce, according to OpenTiendas

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Specialization is the recipe for competitiveness in Ecommerce, according to OpenTiendas

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​January 12, 2024.

How the traditional company is finding its market and aligning its strategy in the face of changes in the e-commerce market

Beyond the large Marketplaces, clearly dominant in the online market in recent years, the emergence of new massive competitive players such as Aliexpress, Shein and, the most recent, Temu, have caused the shift of many volume-oriented eCommerce projects towards specialization. Specialization is the way by which companies with a history, brand and love for the customer can take refuge from these large massive competitors, offering their added value and excellent service. This specialization translates into the creation of an online store , going through the definition of growth and pricing strategies and policies to adapt them to the terrain where this company already has competitive advantages. This would not be possible without the advice of a professional or marketing agency who, knowing their client, guides them in the path, enhancing its strengths and avoiding many of the difficulties that may be encountered in the market. This scenario will continue to harden and competition will increase between giants fighting for millions of visits and orders where profitability will be left aside. Faced with this situation, those seeking gradual growth and sustained profitability should go to another part of the market that allows them to achieve these objectives. Thus, OpenTiendas, the software platform for creating online stores, is committed to eCommerce projects that are always accompanied of a Partner capable of providing the Merchant with advice and a strategy focused on business success. Some examples of projects carried out with the OpenTiendas Software with added love contributed by the company and its history. NON STOP BIKES A company in the Off-road motorcycle sector Road de Tona (Barcelona) that has been able to transfer its advice and love for this magnificent sport to its ecommerce.Azulejos Solá Founded in 1956, this company from Valencia had a clear added value in that accumulated experience that allows it to create a selection of products and advice that has been the key to the growth of the online project. Cuirots Love for artisanal bag manufacturing since 1967 transferred to the online world, maintaining what the brand means to those who work in the company as well as to its customers. It is essential support these Spanish companies that really take care of their customers and their workers and that can now look to the future with prospects of continuing to grow while maintaining quality and their essence. Therefore, the software manufacturer to create Online Stores always works through of a Partner who can ensure that these values ​​are maintained. This 2024 OpenTiendas is expanding its network of Partners in Spain collaborating with Marketing Agencies and consulting companies such as BRANDOMINUS, SQUADMAKERS, SmartConsult and vshop in Madrid or Cetrex and MAKKALU in Catalonia.

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