STATEMENT: TSS acquires DIGIBÍS to strengthen Baratz's position in the library sector

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: TSS acquires DIGIBÍS to strengthen Baratz's position in the library sector

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 13

TSS acquires DIGIBÍS, integrating it into Baratz to strengthen its position in the library sector, expanding its portfolio of technological and digitization solutions. The merger seeks to preserve the strengths of both companies, promoting an initially independent operation with a view to a progressive integration that maximizes synergies

On February 1, 2024, Total Specific Solutions (TSS) completed the acquisition of DIGIBÍS, a leading Spanish digital library software company, integrating it into Baratz. Specialized in libraries, archives, museums and documentation centers, DIGIBÍS provides its experience in digitization software and services enriched with metadata that comply with national and international regulations. This acquisition strengthens Baratz's offering in the library sector, expanding its capacity to provide advanced technological solutions and meet the most demanding standards, especially in the field of digital collections. The recent acquisition of DIGIBÍS by TSS represents for Baratz a key opportunity for expansion and strengthening in the library technology market, by expanding its client and product portfolio. This operation provides significant advantages for both the staff of both companies and their clientele. Looking to the future, this acquisition positions Baratz as an even stronger benchmark in the sector, consolidating its leadership and opening new avenues for innovation and excellence in service. "We are delighted that DIGIBÍS has decided to become part of TSS. We believe that by combining DIGIBÍS with Baratz, both companies can provide added value to their clients," comments Martijn Aardjema, general manager of TSS. On the other hand, Juan Repiso, general director of Baratz, reflects his positive vision after the acquisition: "We are delighted that the software company DIGIBÍS joins TSS and Baratz in Spain. It will allow us to continue growing and expanding our offer in the market ". Tachi Hernando de Larramendi, director of DIGIBÍS, also comments: "This company has been part of my family for so long that we had to find the best owner. TSS is a perpetual owner and Baratz also has an excellent reputation in our field" .Baratz, a leader in the development and implementation of software for libraries with more than 35 years of experience, and DIGIBÍS, a leader in digital solutions for libraries in Spain, join forces after their acquisition by TSS. Baratz, recognized for its Absys SIGB, facilitates the automation of processes in more than 3,000 libraries globally. DIGIBÍS, for its part, has been crucial in digitizing and standardizing Spanish heritage content, contributing significantly to Europeana. This union is part of TSS's strategy to strengthen its offer in the library software sector. The integration of DIGIBÍS in Baratz seeks to preserve the best of both companies, maintaining their initially independent operation and experience, with a long-term plan towards a integration that maximizes synergies and fosters close collaboration between teams. This strategy seeks not only to maintain, but also to enrich and expand the existing portfolio with new technological proposals, offering customers a wider variety of options tailored to their needs. The union of DIGIBÍS staff with Baratz will strengthen business capacity, ensuring the continuity and improvement of products and services, under a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation in the library sector.

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