STATEMENT: Vanessa Lorenzo and the Belgian countess Katia della Faille become ambassadors of Jelenew

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Vanessa Lorenzo and the Belgian countess Katia della Faille become ambassadors of Jelenew

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Supermodel and BAZAAR Lifestyle Icon Award winner Vanessa Lorenzo and Belgian countess Katia della Faille become ambassadors of Jelenew, a women's sports brand

WILMINGTON, Del., March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Women's sports brand JELENEW, known for offering products that combine sports performance and aesthetics inspired by women's cycling, shares inspiring stories from women around the world. Jelenew is currently implementing a 100 Jelenew Partner program

Vanessa began her career in advertising and film as a model and actress at the age of 11. She has appeared on the pages and covers of numerous national and international publications such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, GQ or Sports Illustrated Swimit; and she worked with some of the fashion industry's most prestigious photographers, including the legendary Helmut Newton. She has also published Yoga, a Lifestyle, where she shares her relationship with yoga and healthy lifestyle habits that benefit others.

Her close relationship with Carles Puyol has not made her an appendix of a great footballer. She shed imposed stereotypes and expectations and evolved her modeling career into a never-ending exploration of fashion and life with passion and curiosity to direct her own life the way she wanted.

Vanessa has integrated her love of Jelenew products into her life and believes that the Jelenew philosophy greatly aligns with her experience and value. She sees this endorsement as an exploration into the field of cycling, hoping to infect more women with her curiosity to explore cycling.

Katia is a woman who plays many roles: journalist, model, mother and countess. In her life, cycling has become the key to discovering her unique strength and energy. Katia won top honors in an international modeling contest for Belgium in 1990, and later decisively abandoned her impending modeling career in New York due to marital commitments, and decided to return to Belgium to engage in politics while managing her estate, balancing family, career and hobbies, among which cycling is his most important hobby. She and Jelenew share a commitment to quality of life and all things beautiful, focusing on the physical and mental state of contemporary women and advocating for their rights.

Katia loves Jelenew's pink cycling clothing collection. She believes it is necessary to break the stereotypes associated with pink, arguing that if pink represents women, then pink should also embody resilience and bravery. Subsequently, each Jelenew pink cycling garment has been given a new meaning: breaking stereotypes and showing the confidence and infinite possibilities of the contemporary woman.

Jelenew, with the courage and exploratory spirit of competitive racing, brings together women like Vanesa and Katia, who have a positive attitude towards their lives, to write their own stories, encouraging more women to talk to themselves to embark on a journey towards a higher quality life.

About Jelenew

Founded in 2021, inspired by cycling, Jelenew offers sportswear that seamlessly combines performance and aesthetics for women and extends to a lifestyle collection based on speed and power sports to meet more diversified needs. Jelenew, along with women's cycling world champion Marion Clignet as a technical guide, founded "Sprinters Jersey Lab" based on Jelenew's patented technology, CurveTec™, and 30 years of cycling experience to lead industry innovation.

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