Bitcoin price under $ 10,000: crypto-Scam to blame?

The price of Bitcoin fell in the night to 15. August back below the 10,000-US-Dollar-brand. Within the last 24 hours, the rating of the largest crypto currency

Bitcoin price under $ 10,000: crypto-Scam to blame?

The price of Bitcoin fell in the night to 15. August back below the 10,000-US-Dollar-brand. Within the last 24 hours, the rating of the largest crypto currency by market capitalization had to give up almost eight per cent, of starch. The rates of Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and IOTA it looked better already. Buying opportunity or time to leave the ship?

By Phillip Horch
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The price of Bitcoin goes to dive and Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA, as well as the majority of Altcoins with draws. Currently BTC is trading at 9.715 dollars. This means that the price of the largest crypto-currency lost market capitalization in the last 24 hours, almost eight per cent, of starch. What caused the Drop?

Bitcoin price goes down: rumors, PLUS a Token Sell Off

Currently fueling rumors of a Bitcoin sell-off of the alleged crypto-Scams Plus the Token the heated atmosphere in the crypto-market. As a Twitter user, and a co-founder of primitive crypto reported, has begun the Plus-Token Team, to sell their captured 70,000 in BTC and 800,000 ETH:

crypto-user cyrii_MM confirmed in another Tweet that it came to a Coin-movement of a total of 20,000 BTC.

The assumption is that the Plus-Token-Team could have triggered a larger sell-off in the market. In the case of Plus tokens is a large-scale pyramid scheme, the operators should have cheated investors of more than three billion US dollars. So far it is confirmed that the customer funds have disappeared, or whether there are technical problems with the operators. In addition, it is unclear whether the current sell-off is in direct connection with Plus tokens.

BTC whales are comparatively inactive

recognize A look at the Bitcoin-whale-basins have a relatively low activity here. So the Blockchain-analysis-service Whale Alert in the last 24 hours only Bitcoin-whale-activities in the amount of 1.187 BTC reported, at the current Bitcoin value in about 11.5 million dollars. This relatively small Coin-movements of large BTC positions would play to the theory of Dovey Wan in the hands:

guys, this is fucking crazy.

And: YES, you can move your Funds in small portions on the Exchanges, in about 50-100 BTC per Serving. [...]

If the allegations should prove true, it is nevertheless questionable whether such actions may be sufficient to influence the Bitcoin rate so.

doubt, to the Plus-Token-theory

In the scene, the Plus-Token theory is a controversial one. So about crypto-Analyst Hasu argues that all the major Bitcoin exchange sites would block the apparently stolen Bitcoin. The transparency of the Blockchain technology makes this possible. Because it is through the public access to trading venues some addresses from the (can exclude)sale.

Technical analysis for Bitcoin price

The technical market analysis of Chief Analyst Dr. Philipp Giese

at the Latest after the Bitoin-presented course (here in the example of the value of pair BTC/USD on Bitstamp) on 13. August is below the moving fell to the average of the last 50 days, knew of course, only one direction: downward. In the meantime, he has the 10,000-US-Dollar-mark below.

Should stop this negative Trend, would be the next target of the sliding average of the last 20 weeks are of 8.361, 66 US dollars. The indicators certainly support such a scenario: The MACD is negative and falling, the RSI is well below 50 and falling and the Aroon Down indicator is very high.

It is currently a Short Position. A first Target would be above MA20 in the weekly chart, a second Target, if the moving average of the last 200 days. This is at the moment close to 7,000 US dollars. Since the moving average of the last 20 weeks in bull markets, a strong Support, this goal, however, is unlikely; the Situation should be assessed to Fall under the same new.

For the Ride up to the designated mean value can be used is the moving average of the last 50 days, which is currently 10.760,65 US dollars. Only when that happens, a Long Position, the first Target is located at 12.061, $ 10. As a Stop Loss 63 US dollars in the case,9.886,.

Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and IOTA (IOTA), the springs

The Altcoins are based, as always, a strong reserve currency, BTC. For example, the Ethereum had to give course in the last 24 hours of 13.5 per cent in strength. Thus, the Ethereum course and the Ether tokens currently in 179,48 US Dollar is.

Also, the Ripple price (XRP) in the red percent. With a Minus of 12.3 percent, which is currently at 0.25 US dollars.

Almost as much the price of Bitcoin has drawn the IOTA-rate down. Here it is over 11 percent, which has lost the alleged crypto-currency for the Internet of things. The IOTA course is US $ 0.22.

Bitcoin price and the crypto prices fall: opportunity or danger?

The question of the way to be obvious: now Is the time to bail out, or is it worth it to buy the Dip? It is based on the principle of anti-cyclical Investments, now is a good time to be in the crypto market:

Buy when the cannons are thundering and sell when the violins play.

it is Oriented to the effect on Crypto's Fear & Greed Index, now would be the perfect entry point. The "crypto-fear-and-greed Index" tries to make a current assessment of the market Sentiment to giveen. Currently, he is the lowest since December 2018, not more. This was shortly before the price of Bitcoin reached its bottom, and within a few months nearly 10,000 US Dollar won.

Charts created using trading view. The information presented in the estimates and are only not Investment advice.

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