Political crime: series of attacks on mosques

Three mosques, a Turkish cultural association, a vegetable shop: A number of attacks have been hitting several places in Germany since Friday. No one was injured.

Political crime: series of attacks on mosques

In Germany re have been a series of attacks on Turkish and Muslim institutions on weekends. The aim was to have three mosques, a Turkish cultural association and a vegetable shop. After first stop on Friday, Turkish community spoke of a "act", which wanted to shake foundations of German community. At least 950 times, Muslims and Muslim institutions were target of an anti-Islam attack last year.

On night of Sunday, unknown incendiary sets threw into a mosque on ground floor of a multi-family house in Berlin Reinickendorf. The police are talking about a politically motivated crime. The room of mosque Seikomplett burned out. Congregation members came toger on Sunday in mosque to dry debris fortzuräumen and prayer books. "An attack on a house of God, no matter for what reason, is unacceptable and unacceptable," said one member.

Berlin fire attack on Berlin mosque three unknowns were to be thrown into a Berlin mosque at night for Sunday. The mosque is located on ground floor of a multi-family house in district Reinickendorf. The police are from a political motive. © Photo: Paul Tineen/DPA

Almost simultaneously with Berlin attack, perpetrators in North Rhine-Westphalian Meschede threw three Molotov Cocktailss at building of a Turkish-German friendship Association.  According to police information, three suspects were arrested between ages of 26 and 30, and re was no information on subject.

In Itzehoe unknown on Sunday morning windows of anor mosque and put a fire in a Turkish vegetable shop only about a kilometre away. The eight inhabitants of building above vegetable shop remained unharmed. A passer-by had noticed fire and house-dwellers rang up. The police do not preclude a connection between two attacks.

Already on Friday, unknown in Baden-Württemberg Lauffen have thrown incendiary phrases into a mosque of community national Görüş. The imam, who lives in building and slept in same room, could extinguish fire. The police are investigating for attempted murder and heavy arson. It was assumed by at least five perpetrators. According to Stuttgart newspaper and Stuttgart News, a confessed video of a Kurdish platform appeared on Internet. There it is claimed that act was perpetrated in response to attacks by Turkish army and "mass killing of civilians" in north Syrian city of Afrin. At state criminal Police Office re was no comment on Sunday.

Updated Date: 12 March 2018, 12:02

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