SXSW conference: Against the Power of the reptile brain

Smartphones, social networks and apps are manipulating our behavior. That is what is wanted – until now: resistance to Silicon Valley is stirring up at the SXSW conference.

SXSW conference: Against the Power of the reptile brain
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    In 2015, Tristan Harris could still be stamped alsEsoteriker. A young software developer from San Francisco, Dergerade had abandoned his job at Google, suddenly digital-detox-Kursebesuchte and warned that social networks " thoughts two billion people". could take over. Three years later WirdHarris called "Dasgute Conscience of Silicon Valley", and on TechnikfestivalSouth by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas Austin, hundreds of people wanted to hear what it was all about. But Harris said his presentation on Friday ZumAuftakt of festival in short term.

    Even if Harris isn't in Austin, it's SeineBedenken. Several lectures deal with presumed downsides of technology and especially SozialerNetzwerke. It is a question of how people can regain control of ihrdigitales life. The calls for a new, more responsible design ethic are getting louder. And if you take SXSW alsPulsmesser technology industry, debate could be one of most important of years in Silicon Valley and beyond.

    South by Southwest (SXSW)

    Since 1987, South by Southwest (SXSW) is held annually in capital city of Austin, Texas. What originally started as an alternative music festival is now also one of world's most important digital conferences, bringing toger start-up founders, scientists, designers, developers, politicians and journalists. For many years now online has been reporting live on spot about trends and developments in technology industry.

    Already in past months piled underlying critique of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. EhemaligeFacebook President Sean Parker said network was designed to "exploit weaknesses in human psyche". Derfrühere Facebook manager Chamath Palihapitiya warned of "short, dopamingetriebenen feedback loops" That changed our social relations. The author Franklin Foer writes in his current book an "World Without Reason", and Tristan Harris believes that DieEntwickler of three companies – Facebook, Google and Apple – have attention of billions of people.

    The search for dark patterns

    "The platforms speak EinenTeil of human brain, which is also called reptile Brain and FürEmotionen, addiction behavior and instincts is responsible," said interface designer Elayne Safir in a panel at SXSW. It is a group of designers and developers who call mselves ChoiceArchitects and examine problems of social networks, but also vonApps and websites.

    One of se problems is according to Safirsogenannte dark patterns, i.e. DunkleMuster. These are design decisions that are only intended to unconsciously move users to an action (and thus ultimately make sales). The best-known example is likes that exist in virtually jedemsozialen network. On one hand, y serve to zubelohnen good contributions. But above all, y make users check offer regularly, because every new like brings a small Endorphinschub. If you upload etwaein new image on Instagram, you may be able to open app more often to find out how VielenFreunden liked it when he would have done it to just look at new pictures.

    Such dark patterns can be found everywhere. Social networks attract likes or reward systems like Snapchats streaks. YouTube and Netflix will play after a clip next one to keep DieZuschauer on offer. Airlines link airline tickets with sale insurance and media, including time online, use VermehrtPushnachrichten: Because when mobile phone vibrates, reflexmäßignachgeguckt and in best case is clicked.

    "The more data we receive about DasOnlineverhalten, better we know about all IrrationalenEntscheidungen of users and users," says Lauren Bugeja, Google's interface designer. The findings could not covered by to improve products. In many cases, however, y serve to bring dieMenschen to something y might not want – DasReptilienhirn greets.

    Date Of Update: 12 March 2018, 12:03

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