Juventus keeps winning without goals from Cristiano

Juventus keeps winning without goals from Cristiano

Juventus won 2-0 at Lazio in first match of Cristiano Ronaldo in ir new stadium. The Portuguese remains unmarked in Series

The cannonball Cristiano Ronaldo to average return was lifting fans as he moved closer to goal. Was going up ball and went poking heads to see if lash could sneak under crossbar. But with more of a shout at half of throat, Strakosha stretched out hand to deprive Portuguese of big premiere dreamed of. Not exactly right neir to push after to empty door a center of Cancel, although this time it was Mandzukic behind to fasten victory. Christian is still unmarked, but Juve does not fail. 2-0 against Lazio, and six points in bag.

it Was great coming-of-age of a Christian as a player of Juve. The first time enfundaba t-shirt 'bianconera', first time as local in stadium that had always marked you as a visitor -four goals and two assists in three games-and first time before hobby that he conquered with chilean. The Portuguese did not spare a single breath in search of goal that should baptize his career at Juve but, as against Chievo Verona, was anor afternoon of work frustrating without award of goal.

With entry of Mandzukic and Matuidi, Juventus pulled a team more muscular than on first day and, probably, more similar to one that will be your eleven is more usual. The reverse of Verona, Cristiano Ronaldo started on left side and ended up as a center forward, changing places with Croatian to get closer to goal. Jarrearon centers from two bands, I Cancel from a flank, and Alex Sandro from or, but it is always found with a central paste.

The Portuguese signed first auction of match, a header forced nothing more to start which went well wide. It would be only time you would touch ball inside area in first part. At least regulatory, because shortly after combed her hair with hand to a cross shot of Bernardeschi. But neir referee saw pillería, or that pillería saw door. Shortly before, Acerbi I had removed feet to a ball lost in front of small area. I was afternoon to stay without hunger.

With a bit of anxiety as minutes passed, Cristiano Ronaldo has not stopped moving all afternoon, looking for ball and center of stage, but picture to left Miralem Pjanic. In a center badly cleared by defence, ball fell in front of bosnian, as it was planted, hit a beautiful volley with outside that snuck along to strain of post.

it Was anor afternoon of thankless job for Cristiano Ronaldo, frustrated in front of goal. The header that Wallace he removed bangs, direct free that crashed against row of dolls, this superb lash to average return that went Strakosha a bright plateau, or pass of death I Cancel -protagonist in two goals - that is tangled in your feet when all you had to do was put boot. Behind Mandzukic, who did not fail to add kilometres and shoved, pushed 2-0 final.

Lazio just annoyed with a couple of starts of Immobile and a couple of occasions that were born out of mistakes in defense of Juve. Suffered each time he had to attack with 'bianconeri' are well placed and, although monitored closely to Christian, he left door wide open in second played. The Portuguese did not score in ir new home, but continues to gain.

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