Sampdoria, Giampaolo ready to get back in the fieldx3a; quot;Right to just stop, debut egrave; joyquot;

The technician, after you have sent lx27;debut in the league for the tragedy of the bridge Morandi, he makes a visit tox27;Udinesex3a; quot;Just share in the sorrow of Genoa,">

  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:05
  • Sampdoria, Giampaolo ready to get back in the fieldx3a; quot;Right to just stop, debut egrave; joyquot;
    GENOA ndash; almost two weeks after tragedy of Genoa, in house, Sampdoria will try to return to normalityagrave; with first official match. The colombian, in fact, will be visiting rsquo;Udinese: ldquo;I always feel good in first film ndash; words of technician Giampaolo -, is a joy that repeats itself. The willagrave; to build something newrdquo;.JUST STOP ndash; ldquo;A week ago I was prepared to not play ndash; says lrsquo;coach of Clash, because it was just cosigrave;. In respect of victims, of families and of cityagrave;. We have witnessed pain of families who, with great umiltagrave; have thanked us for our participation in ir drama. But now we must stop to mourn Genoa: cityagrave; beautiful that should be encouraged, visited. Doubts? No, now is easy ndash; he continued Giampaolo -, because; we need to bring all of m to same condition. We have different states of condition, including those who have suffered injury, who has been to World and those who egrave; arrived only in last few weeks. However, I have alreadyagrave; lrsquo;eleven in head. But I will not tellrdquo;. " EACH CHAMPIONSHIP Is DIFFERENT ndash; A year ago, in Udine, it was a bad day: defeated 4-0. One of many trips to dry mouth. ldquo;Each championship is different ndash; he continued Giampaolo -making comparisons would be wrong. Faticavamo outside home, in particular with medium-to-small, and in house we were capable of winning against teams very piugrave; titrated. Questrsquo;year we changed something, not egrave; said that pros and cons are same as in last seasonrdquo;.UDINESE PIUgrave; ldquo;SPANISHrdquo; ndash; Velazquez egrave; arrived in Serie A from semisconosciuto, but ndash; contrary to what you might think ndash; lrsquo;coach pepe knows style of football in italy, and in particular that of Sarri and Giampaolo, to whom is arrived piugrave; of a compliment. ldquo;Thank you for beautiful words ndash; he concluded by lrsquo;coach game, I noticed interesting passages in his Udinese. Saragrave; a team is different from one that we have been accustomed to see in most recent vintages. He has a way of playing piugrave; Spanish, see giagrave; something differentrdquo;.
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