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Colt prehistoric re-emerges intact from siberian permafrost

He had two months when it is dead, probably drowned. Andx27; re-emerged with the mane, the brown mantle and all internal organs preserved">

  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:05
  • Colt prehistoric re-emerges intact from siberian permafrost
    It just SEEMS to be sleeping, and little foal of Paleolithic re-emerged almost intact from frozen soil (permafrost) of Siberia: who lived about 40,000 years ago, y would have died of drowning when he was just two months. To indicate it are first analysis conducted in Russia, at Mammoth Museum of 39;Universitagrave; federal north-east of Yakutsk, where fossil has been brought by a group of Russian researchers, and japanese who carried out excavations in crater natural Batagaika, dubbed by local people as quot; door39;hellquot;.The colt, high, 98 cm at wirs, belonged to an extinct species (Equus lenensis), which in late Pleistocene it was widespread in region shows l39;Dna analysis conducted on fossil, which is so healthy to hang on to mane, coat, dark brown, tail, hooves, and internal organs. Researchers have taken different biological samples in order to reconstruct diet of 39; animal and causes of death. L39;no wounds visible on body suggests that puppy may have died by drowning after being stuck in a quot;trapquot; of type natural. Its not egrave; l39;unique exceptional discovery made in region: permafrost has recently returned even well-preserved remains of a cub of a lion and a mammoth.
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