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Discovered a new dinosaur, very similar to the birds

Found in China, egrave; was renamed the Xiyunykus pengi.nbsp;egrave; lx27;missing link that has allowed scholars to reconstruct">

  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:06
  • Discovered a new dinosaur, very similar to the birds
    Lean PHYSIQUE, a head similar to that of birds and many small teeth, that differ markedly from those sharp and great cousins carnivores. It's callednbsp;Xiyunykus pengi and egrave; a new species of dinosaur discovered in China in course of an expedition to Xinjiang by a team of researchers at George Washington University, and dell39;chinese Academy of sciences.READ more - The flood spianograve; road to dinosaurs. Their footsteps on DolomitesThe new dinosaur is described in a study published in Current Biology, along with Bannykus wulatensis. Both - Xiyunykus and Bannykus - belong to family of Alvarezsauridi: are dinosaurs saurischi that have much in common with birds.Chickens of hell, and super ducks: here's new dinosaurs For researchers, this is a finding valuable: it provides l39; missing link to rebuilding l39; evolution of this group. The first and piugrave; known alvarezsauro described, Mononykus was a body from runner and paw front similar to moles, but ancestors of his group, meanwhile, had long claws, and strong, and were equipped with teeth typical of carnivores. With time you would be imposed on legs by mole, with a single claw.The fossils found to describe transition characteristics that are always piugrave; specialized between late Jurassic and late Cretaceous. quot;y Are very useful becauseeacute; linking anatomical elements with bizarre to or piugrave; typicalquot; says Jonah Choiniere, professor of Wits University and a member of research team.nbsp;
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