Juventus-Lazio 2-0: Ronaldo doesn't score but we think Totti and the French powerhouse

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  • 26 August 2018 Sunday 12:05
  • Juventus-Lazio 2-0: Ronaldo doesn't score but we think Totti and the French powerhouse
    TURIN: - No team in Italy has a ratio power/technique such as Juventus, and it is for this reason that two victories in two games have been spontaneous gestures, events, inevitable. The Lazio is not egrave; Italian is, even if you say that it was first real race egrave; was a39;ingenerosa gaffe of Merry vis-à-vis formation of venetian, bar all39;s debut only in minutes of recovery; ... l39;last year he had defeated bianconeri in Turin and although this time has not even remotely risked to do so. Juve were a goal for time, and none of Cristiano Ronaldo, almost a news story. If at Bentegodi shots of Portuguese were 6, against Lazio we saw only one, forograve; magnificent: and egrave; was just flight of goalkeeper Strakosha to prevent that shot transformed in goal.Cristiano Ronaldo has forograve; put a paw almost involuntary in 39; action of doubling of lines up to 7539; ( first network, piugrave; precious percheacute; has broken 39;balance l39;he had invented Up to 3039; with a right-acrobatic39;s outside of absolute purity). L39;s put it, paw, when goalkeeper of lazio has sent ball banging on heel, and ligrave; in bizarre pileup on 39; or shin: a laughing matter, and in fact Portuguese has sghignazzato not just when ball mad egrave; ended by French powerhouse that he could not mistake.L39;ridiculous easeagrave; with which striker is coming at head of 39;opponent after an afternoon with no special peculiarities, except right of two halves, it reiterates distance of samples d39;Italy by many opponents, if not by all. The bianconeri can win in a thousand different ways, and a goal or two, mark m ever, let alone when cominceragrave; well as CR7. Among se ways, c39;egrave; l39;effect-pushing, a kind of force of gravityagrave; that pushes Juve before him and n inside of those who try to oppose it. And it is obvious that in days of less vigorous athletics, caused for example by funnels of calendar, will be enough shots of class. Yesterday, piugrave; technical of all, Kick, is even left on bench becauseeacute; Allegri has preferred banks of French powerhouse to (and from) Ronaldo, with Bernardeschi all39;ala and l39;entry in resumption of 39; throttle and Douglas Costa. L39;add a midfielder, Matuidi, than in Verona, and flourishes formidable Cancelo (a39;wing, not a full-back) have brought greater effectiveness against Lazio, as well as has large characters, ligrave; in middle. And it is likely that 4-3-3 will be design that l39;coach, a collector of badges useragrave; piugrave; frequently. Until scatteragrave; inexorable schema from several hundreds of million: ball to Ronaldo, goals. Soon on se screens.JUVENTUS-LAZIO 2-0 (1-0)Juventus (4-3-3) Szczesny - Cancelo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro - Khedira (3939; st Bentancur), Lazio (2439; st, Emre Can), Matuidi - Bernardeschi (1439; st Douglas Costa), French powerhouse, cristiano Ronaldo.Lazio (3-5-1-1) Strakosha - Wallace, Stephan, Radu - Marusic, Parolo (1939; st Badelj), Leiva, Milinkovic-Savic (3439; st Durmisi), Lulic - Luis Alberto (1939; st Correa) - real Estate.Markers: 3039; pt Up, 3039; st French powerhouse.Referee: Irrati.Notes: children of ammon, Alex Sandro, Parolo, Milinkovic-Savic, Douglas Costa, Emre Can. Spectators 40.173, recessed 2.704.132 euro.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;
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