Water crazy Spa promotes Hamilton up to the pole

Water crazy Spa promotes Hamilton up to the pole

leader of The World, serene in moments of confusion, frustrates aspirations of Vettel and Raikkonen, leader of free sessions

Tremendous debacle of Sainz, sixteenth and Alonso, just behind

Five minutes of rain had changed everything in Spa. It was a downpour of nothing, one of many by se valleys, that ruined forecasts of Ferrari, great master of three previous trainings. The water, with almost no margin to rectify, forced to intermediate tyres, but only a moment later asphalt began to dry out. Between all this confusion, Lewis Hamilton earned pole position ahead of Sebastian Vettel and two Force India, most pleasant surprise of weekend.

vagaries of The sky, protagonists before holidays in Germany and Hungary, and returned to lend a hand to Mercedes, whose new specification of engine does not seem to work as expected. If Valtteri Bottas had been relegated to bottom of grill by changes in power unit, Hamilton didn't seem to find that tweak. However, despite logical tension of ir engineers, leader of World scratched finally seven-tenths to Sebastian Vettel, each time with worse side in this outcome of championship.

Red Bull, out of gas

Neir was this time at Scuderia and bullet of Kimi Raikkonen, with four wins in this magical path and great feelings since Friday. A problem in final stretch of Q3 thwarted any attempt of improvement of Iceman. Worse still, everything turned out for Red Bull, where Max Verstappen, great specialist in wet, nor could he repeat attempts due to a lack of gasoline.

prominence of The sabbath, yet, it must be awarded to Esteban Ocon and Sergio Pérez, heads visible from a team that has managed to recover from bankruptcy. The merit of Force India, now with Racing Point at flag, is unquestionable. His gesture took in aroma of that pole here of Giancarlo Fisichella in 2009. On Sunday, from second line, you fight no less than by podium.

Understeer in Renault

from behind, light years ahead of all se battles, were Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso eliminated in first screening. Nothing new for leader of McLaren, you could already feared worst having seen performance of his car in previous hour. A box on ear, however, for madrid, victim of serious problems of grip in rear of his Renault.

Sainz had only been out of Q3 in one of 12 previous races. One slip-up at Silverstone now takes anor form much more ugly. McLaren, for his part, repeated debacle of Paul Ricard. And worst thing of all is that next week at Monza, story threatens to get worse.

Updated Date: 26 August 2018, 12:03



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