UGT affirms that the labor reform is ending the precariousness of employment

MADRID, 3 Nov.

UGT affirms that the labor reform is ending the precariousness of employment


UGT has indicated this Thursday that the unemployment data for the month of October reflect the greatest decrease in the number of unemployed people in this month of the entire historical series and, in addition, show an improvement in the quality of employment created, with 45.8 % of permanent contracts over the total.

In a statement, the union has indicated that this improvement in employment occurs in a month where unemployment usually increases, for which the UGT has assured that the labor reform is correcting the "high volatility" that characterizes the Spanish labor market.

Regarding the statistics of affiliation to Social Security, UGT has highlighted that there is an increase in employment in seasonally adjusted terms for the eighteenth consecutive month. In addition, the improvement in the quality of the same continues, since indefinite contracts have accounted for 45.8% of the total contracts signed this month, while the temporary rate falls to 16%, the historical minimum.

Thus, UGT has affirmed that, despite the "uncertain and difficult" international context, the labor reform continues to generate a "positive impact" in its objective of ending the precarious employment that prevails in Spain, although there is "a long way to go" , particularly in public administrations.

Despite the positive general evolution of employment, UGT has warned that the quality of life of working families continues to deteriorate month by month, as a result of the high rates of inflation registered and the few salary increases signed. Consequently, wages accumulate a "significant devaluation" of their purchasing power, causing workers to once again be the main "victims" of a crisis that they did not originate.