Hartz-IV-child: I'm wondering if the state actually wants to, I stay arm

as of 1.1.2005, the "Fourth law for modern services on the labour market" came into force - the so-called "Hartz IV". In technical terms, it was the amalgam

Hartz-IV-child: I'm wondering if the state actually wants to, I stay arm

as of 1.1.2005, the "Fourth law for modern services on the labour market" came into force - the so-called "Hartz IV". In technical terms, it was the amalgamation of unemployment assistance and social assistance to unemployment benefit II.

Even after 15 years, the law is controversial. Some criticize would be that small amounts of Aid and the necessary evidence the people of the Affected hurt. Others emphasize that many of the concerned the money wrongly.

it was Fiercely fought over the height of the sanctions that may be imposed by the employment agencies, if Hartz-IV-recipients to violate their reporting obligations. In November 2019, the Federal constitutional court then explained some of the sanctions to be unconstitutional.

The first Generation of the children of Hartz IV recipients has long experience with life as a "collect welfare". The "mirror" has spoken with some that are now of full age, or shortly before the adult age.

Hartz-IV-rule sets the Federal Agency for labour With increasing age, the Hartz IV increase in rates.

In the summer of 2019 lived 1.9 million children and adolescents under 18 years in families related to Hartz IV.

composition of the Hartz-IV standard rate for teenagers from 14 to 17 years of age, LPD

So the children of Hartz-IV-signs-long experience:

Asomba Maduka, 19, a student from Oberhausen

The aspiring high school graduate recipients of your year, told from his childhood days: "it was at the end of the month almost, I could always remember always remember, that there were several days in a row noodles with Ketchup.“ Since he was five years old, and had been looking forward to the food.

His mother moved to after her release at the end of 2004 unemployment benefit I, well, a year later, then came Hartz IV. A life without these auxiliary services Asomba barely knows. Always, "when it came time to take someone home, I was ashamed. Because I knew, like the dwellings of other children's appearance. For us, the paint was peeling off everywhere“.

With 15 started Asomba, a bit of earn money. Daily newspaper delivery for 40 Euro a month. His mother, however, had not reported to the employment Agency. "For three months, 30 percent of our benefits should be cut," the 19-Year-old. "I've wondered whether the state would actually like me to stay poor."

Emily Grabow, 16, student from Rostock

“In my room, a piggy Bank is. A little bit of money I earn as a temp in a Restaurant is always. Sometimes my mother says at the end of the month, Emy, and your favorite pudding, we can't afford. Then I give her something out of a can.“

Emily tells that she and her mother fly to the vacation to Mallorca, but in the Mecklenburger sea-plate driving. Your beloved iPhone XR did she get from her mother. The had to complete an installment contract.

Still, the 16-Year-old says: "Poor people have no apartment and nothing to eat are. I'm not poor.“

Lisa A.-H., 24, medical student from Halle a. d. Saale

Lisa was young, as your mother, "became pregnant, your Job lost and then withdrew".

your Mama's got the maximum rate of 345 euros, and money for their children. Thus they came more bad than good about the round. Her mother still wore a jacket of the year of the birth of her second child her Pregnancy – because she had no money for a new one.

"As I understood it, I stopped with the horse riding," says Lisa. Your mother told you, with a child on the horse farm, divided to share. "But that was a lie. I did also later, as a school friends with me wanted to go to the cinema or to the swimming pool. My excuse: 'I must see to my brother.'“

Hartz IV-household income (married)Couple with 2 children BMAS also be taken into account for children and young people performance for education and participation, irrespective of the amount of children's money.

assumptions: a child is four, and the second is twelve years old.

Jacob Licina, 19, training course in Stuttgart

"search As a teenager in a Hartz-IV-households one often sits at home," says the 19-year-old Jacob. The friends go to the cinema or shopping. "The questions you whether you're coming with me, and if you always say 'no', do not ask you sometime." Jacob lived with his father in a "real-men-Hartz-IV-WG", he says. Together, they had 1100 euros per month. A formative experience: "When my class went to Schwaben Park, a leisure Park with us, we had to ask six weeks in advance a request to the job centre. I had to learn early on, that I may not be so much embarrassing.“

Sarah-Lee Henry, 18, a student from Köln

your family is poor, clearly, it was Sarah-Lee at the exchange in high school. "We were sitting in the classroom, and my classmates began to talk about how stupid it is, C&A shop." Many were wearing Hollister clothes. Sarah-Lee recalls: "I just thought: Oh God, I hope no one sees the labels on my clothes. My things were out of Kik.“

But she has learned: "poverty is not a law of nature is." In the 9. Class have you noticed in teaching, that Hartz IV "is a political decision".

Today, the political science student says: "I've done it. I'm studying now, have a scholarship, you may finally make your own money.“ Sarah-Lee complained that "many young people are held by this unfair System" Hartz IV "back". The want to change, also, as a member of the Federal Board of the Green youth.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 10:00