These 5 types of Manager we need to get back to the world top tier

Still, it happens slowly and almost silently, but Germany is economically in a double crisis. Structural as well as cyclical, we are clearly on the descending B

These 5 types of Manager we need to get back to the world top tier

Still, it happens slowly and almost silently, but Germany is economically in a double crisis. Structural as well as cyclical, we are clearly on the descending Branch. Economic burden on us as an export nation global trade wars, in particular, structurally, we have a future overslept technologies. In the area of the so-important digital infrastructure we are in terms of coverage and speed behind developing countries such as Albania. The self-destructive style of dealing with crises, such as the diesel scandal and a widespread innovation aversion of our key jeopardise industries such as the automotive industry, their suppliers, and mechanical engineering. In the result, the number of German companies are world leaders.

Amazingly, is, of all things, in this situation, which cries out for a massive change in thinking, a tendency to more and more conformism and uniformity in the top management. Many German top managers appear to be security-oriented, decision-making is weak and interchangeable. Where are the strong, brave and individual characters at the top of our companies that have devoted themselves heart and soul of a thing? But what is the type of Manager it needs today? About the author

Arnaud Mende positions at the private Bank Sal was in the lead. Oppenheim and HR consultancy, Russell Reynolds operate. 19 years ago he founded in Munich the Arnaud Mende GmbH. She specializes in the areas of aptitude testing, and development of assessments for larger medium-sized companies.

In the last 25 years, in which I meet as a Profiler, a number of German top managers and their Performance and judge was allowed, grew in me the Belief that different times call for different Manager types. I am Convinced that today's managers are particularly effective and particularly promising set up, the unite against poles, which were previously thought to be in a Person's contrary and difficult harmoni usage. Particularly promising Manager, which can change depending on the Situation, between different modes appear. During my work in the past few years, I've been working on the Profiles of five promising Manager types:

1. The innovative and inspiring creators

Innovation and change are becoming more and more important and the time frame, in the part of the disruptive change is needed, is getting smaller and smaller. In order to be successfully in this environment, do not need to be a Manager necessarily, even the most creative innovation guru, but it is becoming more and more important to learn to work as designers in an innovative environment and to promote, and stimulate every employee to a maximum of constructive criticism. The focus of the innovative and inspiring maker of the product. Accordingly, denotes him to a special level of product love. In contrast to the pure inspiration of the drives innovative and inspiring creators but even the success of promising changes. While in the past, the creative-inspiring innovation Manager was most pronounced implementation is weak, you must bring in the present time of innovative and inspiring creators of its HP on the road. This requires a clear implementation skills, such as goal orientation, commitment, enforcement, and conflict resolution skills, the urgency and the "Gene" to want to win.

2. The entrepreneurial knowledge seeker

it Is possible, of knowledge, the analytically brilliant, deep drilling, based on facts, as Professor and pragmatic, brave and decisive entrepreneur in a Person's search to unite? The most successful digital companies such as Amazon show that this can only be done, but this type, especially in the markets of the future great successes, promises. I know from my own experience, especially in the digital environment, some small companies through the staffing of the CEO-Position, with such personalities is the essential Foundation for sustainable corporate success. The entrepreneurial knowledge of the viewfinder can be less of emotion than of facts. He is very structured thinking processes to the end and is very much based on numbers. The focus is on the customer to him. Everything is thought of from the customers. He knows the latest Tools and methodological expertise is outstanding. Central strength is the quality of his Decision because he wants to understand things in the last depth and choices excellently prepared. He is driven to make with the best people, the best possible product for its customers, and to create, ideally, even completely new markets. Young entrepreneurs: the courage in self-employment PCP Young founder: the courage in self-employment

3. The people-oriented, performance Manager

The key strength of this Manager is that it manages to convey to the staff his expectations clear, and get the very best out of his people out to. In doing so, he shows an unusually high ambition level. Liability and directness are Central values. The achievement of the goal, he keeps very closely and gives the performance of each of the immediately honest Feedback.

It is implementation oriented, decisive, and by his assertiveness he usually gets the resources it needs for success.

With all the performance - and result-orientation come with him but the fun of work and the human-emotional side is never too short. Therefore-oriented performance Manager connects to the people, high standards and a certain degree of hardness with a lot of empathy and sensitivity. This type of Manager the person is at the center of it all. The result of his work a cheerful performance culture.

4. The agile strategist

It seems contradictory, but it is precisely in a time of agile management methods, rapid Testing and self-organizing Teams, it seems to be at the top level is more important than ever to give direction and to position themselves clearly. Strategic competence and the clarity to stand for something, are therefore key competencies. But it is at the present time still makes sense to design with a lot of effort for a Five-year strategy, if your basics are already out of date in a year, maybe entirely, because markets and technologies are changing faster and faster, and disruptive? Even the most compelling strategy can be quickly obsolete. The agile strategist sees the big picture, looking far into the future and the competition is always one step ahead. Its great strength is that he designs a variety of future scenarios in parallel, and to the end of this crosslinked by thinks.

The agile strategist defines, therefore, the primary pillars of action, combines his strategic brilliance with flexibility and understands grinding strategy as a permanent, iterative process with continual Review. Significant changes in the market, he responds with a high level of speed and consistency.

5. The focused charismatics

He impresses with his self-confident appearance and exudes success, without falling into the Vain or Narcissistic. He fills the space with pure presence. He is approachable, communicative, and meaningful. It manages by the type and content to inspire a large amount of people and win. At the same time, he can take back but also self and other specifically in your stage. So he remains in discussions result, although he has a strong own opinion, which he is to his employees, importance of the course.

The focused charismatics quickly recognize the Significant and consistently on it. He has to penetrate the administration, complexity and to reduce communicative on very simple things. He excited people with clarity and Emotion and brings you to work with passion, focus and go the extra mile.

He is open, authentic and with integrity and to respect the janitor the same as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. As a gifted NetWorker, he knows that he needs to take a wide variety of people, if he really wants to achieve something. Particularly effective he is, because he is focusing to an unusual extent on the most important measures and value drivers, and then all of the power of an organization on these few things, and then everyone knows.

The Arnaud Mende GmbH has analysed in the last 20 years, around 11,000 of Manager. It has been shown that there are five basic types, which make in the face of current challenges, the difference in the world. In Concrete terms, it appears to be greatly a question of the industrial sector and the initial situation of the respective company, which of the above skills maps of each of the Manager types, is ultimately the most effective.

Date Of Update: 16 January 2020, 01:01

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