Two percent on your money – that there really is: Which banks offer the best interest rates

The Spanish online Bank open Bank is currently with a Hammer-offer to your customers: The daughter of the Santander Bank, new customers who open a checking ac

Two percent on your money – that there really is: Which banks offer the best interest rates

The Spanish online Bank open Bank is currently with a Hammer-offer to your customers: The daughter of the Santander Bank, new customers who open a checking account provides, in addition, a money market account with two percent interest rate. The offer is valid only for the first six months and is on an investment amount of up to 5000 Euro limited. However, it searches in Europe at the moment to be the same.

For comparison: Ferratum Bank from Malta attracts also with a special action: There is 0.6 per cent, interest, also for six months (then, a variable nominal interest rate) shall apply. And that's enough for second place in the whole of Europe, as a recent analysis of the comparison portal Verivox for FOCUS Online shows. After all: there is therefore no Limit to the Deposit.

in the long term, up to 0.35 percent are possible

place another promotional offer: Renault Bank directly (France) for three months guaranteed 0.45 percent, then, as in the Ferratum Bank e ine variable interest rate (currently 0.25 percent).

in the long term, better terms and conditions, the South Tyrolean Sparkasse from Italy offers: attracts with 0.35 per cent. New customers receive in the first 90 days of 0.40 percent. In order to secure, in addition to the action offered to the top spot in Europe.

Here you can find the best listings for money market accounts: With FOCUS Online money indicator) compare (a daily allowance comparison in 2020: Here are the Top rates back up

In Sweden, there are 0.35 per cent - with safety

close behind Fibank from Bulgaria and the TF Bank from Sweden: Here, there are also 0.35 percent, to new customers, however, receive no special treatment. The TF Bank, however, can score points with a decisive advantage: your offer is the best for savers who want that your money is housed at a Bank whose home state has a Top credit rating.

In this specific case, that means deposits are protected up to a limit of 950,000 Swedish crowns (the equivalent of about 90,000 euros) per customer.

The Deposit insurance: is your money in banks abroad in the EU

Bank deposits – so money on the day money, fixed and current accounts and savings deposits and savings bonds are protected within the EU, up to an amount of EUR 100,000 per customer and the Bank by law. However, each country has its own backup systems in the event of a Bank failure. Here, the following applies: is the worse the credit rating of a state, the higher the probability that these systems are not functioning. In Germany there are in addition to the statutory Deposit insurance in addition to voluntary backup systems. You should ensure that customers receive a Bank failure, higher amounts or even your full money back. A systemic crisis should cover the entire banking sector, is likely to meet the Deposit protection in each EU country to their limits.

Two offers from Germany can see

if that's not enough, because the money should definitely stay with a German Bank that is currently in the Cosmo directly good: Here's 0.31 percent in there are, after all, hardly less than in the case of the top riders from Italy, Bulgaria, or Sweden. The only catch: The interest rate applies only for deposits up to 25,000 Euro. Credits also are not subject to interest.

if you want to bring a larger sum in a German Bank, which should be located in the PSA direct Bank : it promises to 0.25 per cent without Limit.

money brings again more

Significantly higher interest rates are only possible if you invest your money. The best interest rates savers earn Verivox, according to the two – year fixed money, in turn, in countries where the Top rating is missing.

the Banca Progetto from Italy and the Privatbanka (Slovakia) are currently in the market, each with 1.10 percentage leaders in the European total. Close behind (1,05 per cent) is included with the FCA Bank another Institute from Italy in the top.

Sweden with 0.9 percent, the best German 0.7 percent

And again, it's a Swedish Bank, the power of all institutions from countries with the Top credit the best interest rates possible: the Collector Bank is 0.9%. Also, the Close Brothers Savings from the UK (0.8 percent) provide the highest level of security and a better interest rate than the top German riders:

  • the Varengold Bank from Hamburg, Germany (0.7 per cent), and
  • the Akf from Wuppertal (0.65 per cent).

Here, you can compare the offers for the money: With FOCUS Online, the best money provider to find (display) To the current fixed-term Deposit comparison!

Verivox-managing Director Oliver Maier not been able to gain these Offers, however, a lot of, even though this is a somewhat higher interest rates are possible. In principle, depositors should not bind due to the overall low interest rates for too long, as Maier. Because: "If interest rates rise again, it would be a shame if a large part of the assets is in long-term investments with low income fixed."

Best interest rates for a year fixed Added to this is money

: with only one year term, there are comparable rates of interest. The FCA Bank offers for twelve months and 1.00 per cent - almost the same rate as for 24 months. In the case of the Alpha Bank from Romania and the Ferratum Bank, respectively, to 0.95 percent in it.

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offers The Klarna Bank from Sweden with a Top credit of 0.9 percent - so exactly the same as the Swedish competition for 24 months (see above). In Germany, the Akf Bank, Varengold Bank and Ziraat Bank from Frankfurt am Main, each with 0.5 per cent, the whole of the top of the rankings again.

Top interest rates on fixed deposits for six months

Who are also the twelve months is too long, the should money a look at the best festive offers for a period of six months, throw:

  • Best interest rates in the overall market: Ferratum Bank (Malta), with 0.9%
  • Best interest rates with Deposit insurance in a country with a Top credit rating: the Klarna Bank (Sweden) with 0.65 per cent
  • Best interest rates with the German Deposit guarantee: abcbank (Cologne, Germany), Akf and Isbank (Frankfurt am Main), each with 0.35 per cent
Even when money your assets value loss

One thing is clear: threatening With any of the current offers, you will achieve a rate of return, the may be the Inflation. For comparison: last year the Inflation in Germany amounted to an average of 1.4 percent. With other words: the assets in the account are under acute threat of loss of value.

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A real rate of return at least money even when barely possible. Instead, savers should think about Alternatives to classic interest-rate products, recommends Verivox-managing Director Oliver Maier. Such an Investment in the shares. "Since low interest rates to have become a state, should in the long term, reflection-oriented investors about Alternatives to the stock market," says Maier. "Anyone who invests in the Dax index and its shares for at least 15 years has kept, was never in the Minus and had, on average, an annual return of over five percent."

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