Echo: BMG makes cooperation with Kollegah and Farid Bang resting

After the echo-scandal, the Bertelsmann subsidiary is not planning any more with the two rappers. The duo is accused of spreading anti-Semitic texts.

Echo: BMG makes cooperation with Kollegah and Farid Bang resting

The music company Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) does not want to collaborate with two rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang for time being. According to a spokesman of parent company Bertelsmann, cooperation with musicians Farid Bang and Kollegah is to be put on hold. Chief Executive Officer Hartwig Macaulay told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "We had contract for an album. Now we let activities rest to discuss attitude of both parties. " In addition, Macaulay apologized to people who would have felt injured by music of rappers.

He also took two rappers into protection – y were not anti-Semites. "My staff and I are in contact with artists, and y are clearly distancing mselves from any form of antisemitism. We do, too, "said Macaulay.

In cooperation with music labels of rappers Farid Bang and Kollegah, Banger Musik and Alpha Music Empire, BMG had released controversial album Jung, brutal, handsome 3 (JBG3). The musicians were awarded Music Award Echo last week for work. Lines of text like "My body more defined than of Auschwitzinsassen" and "do once again a Holocaust, come with Molotov" had provoked fierce criticism and a debate about antisemitism.

Anti-Semitism programme in schools

Previously, record company had announced a campaign against anti-Semitism. The music rights subsidiary of media company Bertelsmann will support project with 100,000 euros, as BMG has shared. "Toger with expert organisations, projects are to be selected to combat worrying development in schools," says a press release. The focus will be on Berlin.

Tags before, company had still placed behind two rappers. "We take artists and artistic freedom seriously, and we do not tell our artists what ir texts should and cannot contain," said BMG on Wednesday on request. "Undoubtedly, some lyrics on JBG3 have deeply hurt many people. On or hand, many people were clearly not so hurt, insofar as it became one of best-selling albums of past year in Germany. "

Date Of Update: 20 April 2018, 12:03

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