PRESS RELEASE: 4th HEALTH AND SPORTS CONFERENCE: Healthy lifestyle habits, sports and nutrition

(Information sent by the signatory company).

PRESS RELEASE: 4th HEALTH AND SPORTS CONFERENCE: Healthy lifestyle habits, sports and nutrition

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​November 29, 2022.-

Last Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the 4th Health and Sports Conference - Healthy lifestyle habits, sports and nutrition were held. An exclusive event, with the participation of ordinary school students, Institut Front Marítim and students from special education schools, ACIDH and NEN DÉU. Lucía Sainz, Audie Norris and Tommy Robredo supported the conferences organized by the Nacho Juncosa Sports Association, betting once again on unified sport

The Nacho Juncosa Sports Association has organized the 4th Conference on Health and Sports - Habits of a Healthy Life, Sports and Food. The objective has been to promote the practice of sports and healthy lifestyle habits among the boys and girls of the ACIDH and NEN DÉU Special Education School and the FRONT MARÍTIM Institute. The day consisted of both young people with and without intellectual disabilities sharing sports activities and a nutritional education workshop. The experience has been valued as very positive by the participating students themselves, demonstrating once again that sport breaks barriers.5 SPORTS STATIONS AND HEALTHY HABITS The Club esportiu Laietà in Barcelona has been the setting for these conferences where nearly 70 students from the three schools (ACIDH, NEN DÉU and INSTITUT FRONT MARÍTIM) have carried out different basketball, tennis, paddle tennis and soccer seasons directed by professional technicians and another nutrition activity (show-cooking workshop) directed by a dietician-nutritionist and cook. Once the stations were finished, the awards ceremony took place for all the participants and a meal for technicians, students and organizers. AUDIE NORRIS, TOMMY ROBREDO AND LUCÍA SAINZ The big surprise of the morning was for the students when they saw that In the basketball, tennis and paddle tennis stations, there were three world stars who have delighted the participants. Thus, during the day, they were accompanied by: Audie Norris (former NBA and F.C.Barcelona basketball player) - Tommy Robredo (professional extenuator) - Lucía Sainz (current number 8 in the World Padel Tour ranking). UNIFIED DAYS The particularity of these days is the coexistence of three different schools, two of special education, the ACIDH and NEN DÉU and the other ordinary, the Institut FRONT MARÍTIM. The most differential and important data is that students with and without intellectual disabilities have shared a group and have practiced sports together, taking a further step towards the total integration of people with intellectual disabilities in society. ORGANIZATION: Associació Esportiva Nacho Juncosa: its objective is to promote sports practice and encourage good lifestyle habits for anyone who wants to participate in a healthy experience linked to sport. One of the reasons for its constitution is the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups (people with chronic illnesses, people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, and people at risk of social exclusion) in its development program of events and activities as a means of social integration. It also organizes the Nacho Juncosa Sub'16 International Tennis Tournament and the ITF Barcelona Sub-18 international tennis tournament.

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