RELEASE: Beauty Vans, the beauty delivery chain, begins franchising with its spectacular vans

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RELEASE: Beauty Vans, the beauty delivery chain, begins franchising with its spectacular vans

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 2, 2023.

The brand specialized in beauty services lands in the world of franchising with the first "Beauty Van" concept in Spain. A totally original business model based on the idea of ​​two entrepreneurs to bring beauty services wherever they are needed.

The idea of ​​the Beauty Vans business is based on being able to offer aesthetic services at home through vehicles adapted to offer them anywhere and at any time. Thus, it is possible to enjoy them at weddings, communions, parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays or any other type of festive event.The origin stems from a trip to the US where its founders, Ana and Maribel, discovered the remarkable demand for any type service through portable vehicles. From ice cream carts, to pet cleaning and, of course, beauty services. This is how the idea of ​​exporting this model to Spain arose, but perfected, due to the previous knowledge of both about the sector, as well as that of the Spanish consumer."We carried out the previous treatments at their homes and at wedding estates and we thought that what better option than to carry everything in a designated area, in a unique space and that we could move anywhere in Spain", they comment. "Now we want to offer it to thousands of hairdressing and beauty professionals so that they can make their own business dreams come true." An original and unique business in Spain Beauty Vans is a unique business model in Spain. In their magnificent vans, authentic beauty professionals offer quality services in an exclusive and fun environment wherever they are. The clear differential factor is that the client does not have to travel, it is the "beauty center" itself that goes to the client. Vans are simply spectacular. Fully tuned to integrate into any event. They finally respond to a demand to which no one seemed to provide a solution. Beauty Vans is characterized by being a fusion of "originality, enthusiasm, growth"... and a lot of pink. A sector in constant growth From the beginning, the founders of Beauty Vans wanted to stand out in Spain with their innovative and profitable business model. In Spain, more than 160,000 weddings are celebrated annually, 260,000 baptisms and communions, as well as birthdays, farewells and family events, among other celebrations. The breadth of the market is almost infinite. That is why, at Beauty Vans, they have decided to unite three market trends to make a 100% profitable business a reality:• The beauty sector has an annual growth of 15%.• The The end of the pandemic has boosted the market for celebrations and events. • The business of mobility services is experiencing a permanent increase. At Beauty Vans they have anticipated the definitive explosion of the sector to be leaders in it. What they offer their franchisees The franchisee's business comes first. For this reason, they provide a whole series of services prior to the start and also while it is running. Everything is measured, from the van project to dealing with customers. Thanks to this, Beauty Vans is one of the healthiest and most profitable businesses in the beauty market. From the beginning, the headquarters will provide the franchisee with a list of new clients. This way you will be able to position yourself and consolidate easily in your area of ​​exclusivity. As its founders explain, the Beauty Vans franchise has "limited areas for franchisees. In addition to a job bank with unique training in our model." In short, "a modern, innovative, exclusive business with unprecedented support from the central office that is already known by the general public, having appeared in numerous media outlets such as Antena3, La Sexta, TVE, Telecinco or ABC". a world of services Beauty Vans offer all kinds of services necessary to guarantee the success of any event. Among others are the following:• Corner for weddings and parties.• Hairdresser (specializing in hair treatments and straightening).• Integral aesthetics.• Parties dedicated to beauty.• Children's birthday parties.• Bachelorette and married parties.Investment and conditions• Entry fee: €15,000• Operating royalty: €55/month• Marketing royalty: 1%• Initial investment: €49,410 (including van adapted to the brand)• Vehicle size: 10 m2• Minimum population area : 50,000 inhabitants• Contract: 5 years

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