RELEASE: Black Friday reaches the world of CBD in a sustainable way with Ducreams

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Black Friday reaches the world of CBD in a sustainable way with Ducreams

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Black Friday has reached local businesses this November. The Basque company Ducreams, specialized in CBD articles, has launched its first "Black Friday" betting on a natural and sustainable product

Ducreams, the Basque company specializing in CBD, has launched its first Black Friday with 20% discounts on all its products, in its online store. On its website you can access the offers with the BLACK20 discount coupon from November 14 to 30. Ducreams' commitment to local and sustainable CBD oil has given the company the opportunity to start a business that until today has been an import market. Its centralized focus on improving symptoms such as inflammation, pain, anxiety and insomnia have positioned it as one of the leading CBD businesses in Spain. The local trade of proximity and the respectful production with the environment have made it possible for its turnover to increase, allowing it to expand into other market niches such as cosmetics, apart from its CBD oil and CBD gummy shop. Currently, they are working on a line of cannabidiol-based cosmetics that will soon be released. The Ducreams laboratory, located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is made up of a group of pharmaceutical experts who are dedicated to researching the applications and formulations of this cannabis-derived compound. Sustainability is one of its great values, which is reflected in the natural product that is sold in its CBD store and in its ecological manufacturing. According to data from the product comparator,, around 14.4 million people in Spain consumed discounted products for Black Friday last year 2021. These revealing data, among others, have prompted companies such as Ducreams to have offers eye-catching during the month of November in CBD oils of different concentrations and cannabidiol-based gummies, hoping for optimal results. The recent consumer demand for CBD products has motivated the expansion of businesses engaged in this trade. For this reason, Ducreams expects to end the year with positive data that will help to continue growing its brand, in addition to trusting in the repercussion of "Black Friday" through social networks and the website.

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