RELEASE: Castillo Lottery gives advice for buying Christmas lottery online

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Castillo Lottery gives advice for buying Christmas lottery online

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, December 19, 2022.

Everything you need to know when buying Christmas lottery online

Another year, the Christmas Lottery is the protagonist on these dates. It is a tradition of more than 200 years and even so, it continues to generate nerves and illusion when December 22 arrives. As there are only 3 days left for the Christmas Draw to be held, Lottery Castillo refers to giving a series of tips when buying Christmas lottery. The Christmas Draw attracts multiple players every year: those of all years , those who decide to try it for the first time, those who participate from abroad and those who do it from Spain. What makes this lottery draw the most popular of all. Lottery Castillo has been one of the luckiest lottery administrations for 40 years on the day of the Christmas Lottery draw. His luck is so great that he has come to distribute more than 350 million euros in prizes since 1982. For this reason, Lottery Castillo has been writing down the best tips so that this Christmas Lottery 2022. buying a tenth of the Christmas Lottery is verifying that it is being carried out in an authorized place. Buying online or in person, it is essential to make sure that the point of sale is endorsed by State Lotteries and Gambling. To avoid the loss, theft or deterioration of the tenth, it is vital that they are kept in a safe place, and even take pictures of it. . Another option to consider is to buy the Christmas lottery online leaving the tenth ticket in custody: as easy as buying the tenth ticket at Lottery Castillo. The player will receive an email with all the necessary information. When a ticket is lost or stolen, it must be reported to a police station. If a ticket is broken or in any way damaged, SELAE will be in charge of assess the collection of the prize. Sharing a tenth of Christmas is a tradition almost bigger than the Christmas Lottery itself. In the case of playing a tenth with other people, it is convenient to leave in writing all the necessary information for the recognition of the same in case of being awarded. The names of the participants, signature and ID. In this way, all kinds of problems will be avoided. The online purchase of Christmas Lottery should not show any difficulty. The Castillo Lottery page is designed to help users navigate and make the secure purchase of their lottery ticket. The user only has to choose the number. Four decades of illusion Lottery Castillo is a lottery administration located in Alaquàs (Valencia). This year 2022 has completed four decades distributing luck. With a great list of prizes. Among them, the Gordo in 2012, the third prize in the 2015 Christmas Lottery, two fifth prizes in 2013 and another two in 2011, third prize in 20219, a fifth prize in 2020, fourth prize in 2021.

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